SAP Analytics Cloud platform

In this era of digitization, businesses at every level are trying hard to cope with the technological advancements that are happening in ML and cloud computing. Using services like SAP Analytics Cloudis the only way to futureproof their businesses. SAP Analytics Cloud is a SAP product that acts as a software as a service tool. This has been based on the Business Intelligence platform developed by SAP on the HANA in-memory framework.

SAP Analytics helps in comparing and analyzing data coming from different sources like SQL and Salesforce. SAP Analytics helps provide visualization and insights, based on which companies and businesses make various transformational decisions.

SAP Analytics takes data from multiple sources. It then uses advanced algorithms to convert the data into meaningful pieces of information, which the company can use for forecasting and planning.

Why choose SAP Analytics Cloud over others?

  • SAP Analytics powered by the HANA database can provide core functions like data connectivity, modeling, visualization, and graphical interpretation and provides data integration abilities using various APIs. Unlike other cloud-based analytics platforms, SAP Analytics can provide services like data cleansing, visualization, and suggests the use of various financial planning features. The user can view multiple screens and access different analytics applications that can be integrated into one location.

Critical Abilities of SAP SAC:

  • Business Intelligence:

This is an intelligent feature that transfers data within an organization and helps develop business insights with high-level data analysis. Data exploration helps the clients with vivid data visualization by using graphs and stories irrespective of the data amount. And business intelligence also helps in gaining better knowledge due to automated error detection and data cleansing.

  • Augmented Analytics:

SAP Analytics uses machine learning to find out patterns and hidden relations between different input data. Using AI and Natural Language Processing, they can predict and forecast outcomes and help in the decision-making process.

  • Planning:

Creating and integrating financial plans will help in an efficient decision-making process. Strategic SAP Analytics Cloud Planning can be done by turning real-time insights into actions using collaborative planning. Predictive planning helps one understand their business better by studying the insights and thus helps make strategies properly due to the presence of a company-wide advanced analytical system, budgeting, and forecasting from one single cloud platform.

  • Modeling and Smart Transformation:

Centrally governable content is generated by intelligent applications and guided analytics to develop business analysis, planning, and predicting abilities. Rapid prototyping and standardized analytics content help in reusing UI elements to ensure a consistent user experience.Stories and insights are readily available and can be filtered based on inspection and selection capabilities. Colleagues are also able to team up and share messages and notes via the cloud platform.

How to transfer data to the cloud?

To use the SAP Analytics Cloud platform, you have to transfer the data to the corresponding cloud database, then only the platform will be able to give insights and analyze the data. To be done, live data is collected from sources like on-premise databases, spreadsheets, or some other cloud database. The two ways of doing that are 

  • Live data connections: This is available for cloud and on-premise data sources and does not replicate data in SAP Analytics Cloud. This process uses existing models and updates data visualization and insights with new real-time data.
  • Import data connections: This is also available for cloud and on-premise data sources, but it replicates data in the analytics cloud. It generates a new data model using the SAP SAC modeler and updates data visualization only when it is refreshed.

How secure is SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP is very serious about its customer’s data security and privacy. Every stratum of the system is checked and tested by professionals and have claimed that SAP Analytics Cloud is a very secure platform and can be trusted with valuable information. The admin has the power to specify the access permission for each part of the software.

It also consists of a sophisticated role management part where the person in charge can monitor every employee. A user management system is also present, which is used to introduce new users to the system. Some default roles are given to the new user initially but can be modified by the system admin.


SAP Analytics cloud helps in data analysis and data visualization on the HANA platform. It gives valuable insights and solutions that are essential for making critical business decisions. SAP Analytics platform can gather data from both on-premise and cloud databases. SAP uses complex machine learning algorithms used for cleaning data and suggesting different filters to the user.

SAP Analytics Cloud is one of the most preferred analytics solutions available due to its efficiency and security. Features like drag and drop reporting and real-time analytics are something that does not exist on other platforms.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.