Central America

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica wins the hearts of every visitor with its “Pura Vida” philosophy. The whole country rests in a relaxed manner that tells you to breathe and enjoy life – something that is not difficult to do here. During your time in this enchanted country, you can see herds of sea turtles on serene beaches, climb the Arnel volcano, or watch monkeys and jaguars in Manuel Antonio National Park.

Often considered a pioneer of eco-tourism, Costa Rica is very proud of its natural resources and its status as a megadiverse country. In fact, 98 percent of the country’s energy comes from renewable sources, and 26 percent of its area is made up of protected natural land. Because of this natural affluence, the country attracts intrepid adventure travelers, who zipline through spirals, peep under waterfalls, and cross swift rivers with white-water currents.

Costa Rica is so proud of its commitment to peace that it does not even have an army. As if this is not enough, it is considered one of the best countries in Latin America for LGBTQA travelers, giving local people open views towards sexual diversity and legitimizing same-sex marriage. Ready to book your tickets yet?


If you assess Panama based on the Global Peace Index and the US State Travel Advisory Department rankings, you will soon find comfort. The former ranks Panama at 47th, and the latter suggests a Level 1 consultant. Again, general safety measures are recommended so that pickpockets or mugs are made, especially in urban centers.

Now that you know that Panama is safer than most people believe, you should also know that it is a lot more interesting than people who imagine it. 

Adventure travelers will also find plenty of thrilling activities, such as hiking through the cloud forest, migration of humpback whales to the Pacific and climbing the country’s highest point, the Baru volcano.

Best part about Panama? It seems that tourists don’t yet understand about it, so you can enjoy the small village beaches and forest treks without the crowds of Instagram-hungry tourists.


Yet another amazing but often overlooked country in Central America, Belize is impressively diverse for its small size. The English-speaking country boasts of lush forests filled with Mayan ruins, which are the second largest rocks in the world and delightful islands scattered along its banks.

Divers absolutely love the bilis not only because of the diversity of their reefs, but also because of its famous blue hole. This underground sinkhole is the largest of its kind, and is equally impressive from below and above the surface of the water. In fact, the great conservationist, explorer, and diver Jacques Costu included the “hole” as one of his favorite diving spots on the planet.

Even if you are not a big fan of diving into a dark, seemingly oceanic ditch, Belize beach offers plenty of opportunities for swimming in hot water, paddle boarding and kayaking through mangroves. . One of the best things to do is simply lie in a hammock with a bottle of cold beer in your hand and enjoy the sun kissing your skin.

The US State Department Advisor warns Belize of a Level 2, which is in France and the U.K. As countries have similar levels, it is recommended to increase the precaution, he said, as proximity to Mexico essentially makes it part of the drug route to Central America. The south – where many of the country’s Mayan ruins are hidden by the jungle – is of particular concern, so we recommend researching before you plan a trip, or with a reliable tour company.


Like Belize, Guatemala has a Level 2 warning from the State Department. Some areas have an increased level of risk, particularly areas along the drug trade route. It is recommended that travelers do research before deciding their itinerary, especially if they plan to visit remote areas that are not frequent. Then, visitors wishing to explore natural or rural areas may consider using a reliable tour company with local guides.

Once necessary precautions are taken, do not even consider the disappearance of picturesque Antigua. Former capital of Guatemala, this well-preserved colonial city is one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America. Cobblestone streets and colorful balconies are fully complemented by volcanoes around the city providing breathtaking views from almost any street.

Another must see destination in Guatemala is Lake Atitlan, which is one of the most important in the region. If you want a simple adventure, you can hike around the lake and enjoy the forever impressive scenery it offers. People with a difficult adrenaline addiction may opt for more extreme activities, such as paragliding over or scuba diving.

No history or Indiana Jones lover can afford to leave the mighty Tikal National Park, the former capital of the Mayan Empire. Surrounded by forest that once concealed it, Tikal boasts the longest existing Colombian structure in America, and is considered one of the continent’s most important archaeological treasures.

If that doesn’t seem enough, you can ride through the valleys of Rio Dulce, learn about Afro-Guatemalan culture in Livingston, explore the Vapor Caves, and explore the country’s rich culinary tradition. It can make your taste buds happy.

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