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Top 10 Mistakes Most First Time Travelers Make

Top 10 Mistakes Most First Time Travelers Make

Most travellers make mistakes when travelling but for a first-timer, it is okay to make a few mistakes. This is because the situation is new to you and you’ve got no experience at all. However, such petty mistakes can be avoided if you consider these travelling tips.

Stop worrying about what to do next or what is going to go wrong and be the master of this adventure. After your first trip, you’ll gain some experience for your next trip. After all, we learn more when we take a step further.

Top 10 Mistakes Most First-Time Travelers Do That Can Be Avoided


You should know how long you’re going to stay, then book for just that. However, this tends to be difficult because plans could change once we arrive. It is best to book for the first week and once you get there and know how long you’re going to stay, you can then book for the remaining days. You might even find a cheaper hotel once you arrive which can help you save a lot of money.

Booking flight late

The first step to travelling is checking the flight rates and booking one. Prices tend to rise as the departure date draws near which implies that booking at the last minute can be quite expensive. It is advisable to buy your ticket a month ahead of your trip.

Not Alerting Your Bank

Another mistake a first-time traveller makes is forgetting to alert the bank about his/her trip. It is important to let your bank know you’re travelling abroad else your credit cards might get frozen or cut off for security reasons.

Underestimating Cost

Saving more money before you travel is essential. Don’t assume that prices are the same when you travel. That can be true in some case but when you travel to cities that have expensive hotels and restaurant, you should be ready to pay more.

Forgetting the Exchange Rate

One of the things you shouldn’t forget is the exchange rate. You should make sure you’ve double-checked the exchange rate of the country you’re visiting to know the charges and how much money you should carry along. Exchange rates may change, make provisions should that be the case.


Before you travel, you should make sure you have a travel insurance cover. Should you get sick, injured or even lose something valuable whilst on your tour, your insurance company will cover the cost. You could be careful but you can’t be too careful.

Not Finding out common scams

Always be a step ahead when travelling. It is important to know the common scam tactics and make sure you don’t fall for such petty tricks. One of the easiest ways to find out common scams in a country is googling “common scams in + country”. Example: common scams in Kenya. This will tell you what to watch out for so you don’t fall a victim.


Carrying a suitcase that’s way too big and heavy only adds up to your cost. In a country like Ghana, taxi drivers sometimes do charge for your luggage and its weight. Don’t pack things you know very well you aren’t going to use. It’s a bad idea. You are also going to find it difficult carrying your baggage around.

Not Budgeting

It is always advisable to budget for anything that involves money. And when it comes to travelling, it is equally important to have a budget so you don’t overspend or run out of cash. One common problem a first-time traveller faces when they travel is skipping meals after they’ve spent more than they budgeted for.

Not Getting a Local Sim Card

A local sim card is one which works only in a geographical area. So, if you’re travelling to France, once you arrive you should get a local sim card. It is very convenient and helps you save some money while on your trip. Another thing to do is to use data roaming. This is where your local internet provider helps you gain access to the internet even in a different country.

Checking your passport late

If you have a passport that is near its expiration can cost you big time when renewing it. Although you might be aware of the length of your trip, some countries won’t accept you into the country if your passport is going to expire. Countries, like Belgium, China, Ecuador among others require you to have between 3-6-month passport validity upon entry.

Final Thoughts

I hope you don’t make any of these mistakes when travelling for the first time. Although there are some other mistakes first-time travellers make, here are the few ones I won’t want you to make while you go on your trip.

Have you made any mistakes on your first travel and how did you overcome it? Tell us about your first-time travelling experience.

This post was written by Enoch Amenuvor, Bold Nerds .

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