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From the past few years, we have been gifted with various types of transportation services that are no shorter than a boon. In other words, the transportation services are the same but the medium has changed.

Before, the process of booking a taxi was hailing a ride but now, we perform the task through the taxi booking app.

Uber was the first ride-hailing app that came out in the market and provided their best taxi services. It was the first ride sharing company that started charging less in comparison with the traditional taxi services.

Rides offered are convenient, safe and comfortable, all at the same time and the best part is the rides getting booked through mobile applications Uber. Also worth mentioning is the most innovative that people saw and got adapted to it.

After Uber, many taxi service providing companies stepped into the market and provided their services with innovative & unique offers.

A few years back a new concept came out that got ultimate popularity i.e., ride sharing. The first car sharing service providing company was BlaBlaCar which was one of the biggest and the largest ride hailing company in the world.

The working of this app is simple. If an individual books a ride through the BlaBlaCar and another person also wants to commute through the same route, both can share the same ride.

Note: The charges in Uber divided between the rider and driver.

What are The Cases for Ride-Hailing & Sharing Services?

Uber is known today as a ride-hailing and ride-sharing company.

Ride-Hailing Case With Uber

When Uber was new in the market, the company only targeted individual customers. The company only focused on those individual customers who book a ride through the Uber app. It was a simple and convenient way to commute but a bit problematic towards the pocket. This service is still available and is still more popular than ride-sharing services.

Car Sharing Case With Uber

Recently, Uber has a car sharing option in their amazing business tools. As the company expanded, business tools also got upgraded. Now people are able to get this service through Uber app. Not only, but many other on demand taxi service providing companies also provide car sharing services.

Benefits of these services

  • Commutation is cheap because cost of ride is divided equally between the number of people the ride gets shared. It can be cheaper according to the trip distance.
  • As many people will be sharing their rides with others, the less will be the congestion on the roads.
  • The less will be the cars on road, the less will be the CO2 emission. This will allow the air to get cleaner quickly.
  • Ride-sharing can help you in making new friends. It is one of the best ways to socialize.

A Ride Sharing Taxi Business

Till yet, ride-sharing services have not become as popular as it should be. People still want to commute in their own privacy. This upcoming year though you can plan something new for your business.

What about a taxi hailing business? Consider starting with a new business that delivers both the taxi services and remains more focused on car sharing services.

This new year, start with your new taxi on demand providing company or try getting a Uber clone app from an app providing company.

By Anurag Rathod

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