A long time before when the taxi industry came in public, it was known to be the commuting services for rich and high profile people. Taxi services were not a cup of tea for every person that time. The service cost was not at all affordable at that time by the middle-class people. Before, there were only black cabs as it was only meant for high profile people. The black colour was actually known to be a symbol of luxury, so the taxi service providers used the black coloured car to provide taxi services.

However, as the time passed, things got changed and people started affording the cost of taxi services. Soon the black cab services were separated and new yellow cabs came to the market. Yellow cabs are now known to be the taxi cabs and black cabs are now known for airport transportation services. Many airport transportation service providers do provide A to B commutation services too but they are specially meant for airport rides. Still, there are many differences between airport rides and yellow cabs.

black car services

Let’s take a look at how they Black Car Services & Taxi Services are different from each other


The priority of a yellow cab is to provide normal taxi service that includes commutation from point A to point B. The normal taxi services can even drop a rider till the airport but the yellow taxies are not allowed to approach inside the airport. At the same time, black cabs or we can the airport rides are specifically meant for dropping people from the airport to their home, hotel or any certain place safely and vice versa.

Safety & Comfort

In terms of safety, the normal taxis are equipped with all the basic safety features that are helpful for a rider. Safety features like auto door locking, power windows, child lock system and a first aid kit.

However, the black cabs or the airport rides are quite luxurious cars. These cars are completely equipped with safety gears. All the airport rides are completely bullet-proof cars, their tiers are bullet-proof, and windows are completely black. So that no other person can see inside. These cars are even equipped with signal jammers so that no one from outside can track any data.

Which is Better?

Let’s face it, both are perfect in the services for which they are meant for. For city commutation and for short routes, the normal yellow cabs are better rides for an individual as they cost very less. If you are in a rush to the airport or somewhere else, consider choosing the black cabs or airport rides. In comparison with normal taxi services, the cost of airport rides is quite expensive but at the same time. The ride provides much more than the normal taxis.

Airport Ride Business

On demand taxi services are quite trending. You can still add some more spices in it and commencing an airport ride services. For that you will require an airport ride app, so get your airport ride app today!

By Anurag Rathod

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