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People with adventurous nature wish to visit different places or for any reason, they have to travel locally for multiple reasons. For this purpose, the socio-economic stratum opts for rental cars. Renting a car is an important and profitable business. This service provides comfort and an amazing traveling experience locally and at any visiting place if any reliable brand and company are providing this facility. Unfortunately hiring a cab, van, or car at rent has become very difficult and expensive from the start of 2021. Why renting a car service from the start of 2021 has become so expensive? To answer this question there are several reasons that we need to know. These reasons are categorized as follows:

Covid-19 Pandemic:

After the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, the conditions of several business sectors have become worst and tragic. Most of the important businesses like tourism, hospitality, and traveling are facing hassles and car renting services got wasted because of thorough or smart lockdown all around the country. The Government is also helpless and not sure about when the situation will get better? Because of this pandemic, people are avoiding getting cars for traveling purposes as people are postponing their visiting plans till the situation gets better.

Social Distancing:

Nowadays it has become much more important to follow safety measures and instructions because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing is among the safety measures that need to be followed by the people to keep them safe and healthy. Renting a car is professional work and it requires some face-to-face interaction and documentation that is important to fulfill. Social distancing has limited the pace of car renting and this slow trend has also increased the rents for cars.

Offloaded Fleet Companies:

Soon after the pandemic, the market has shown a downward trend, and the companies that rent cars started selling most of their fleet just because of having low or no customers. The main reason behind increasing the cost of renting cars is the inventory level of the companies is low. They have offloaded most of their fleet and are running short of vehicles.

Leisure Travel:

People are now avoiding leisure travel. It is a common observation that during weekends and public holidays the demand for renting a car increases because people love to spend some leisure time in farmhouses, parks, and other historical places but people nowadays are avoiding leisure travel because of government restrictions, even at popular places like Haririi car rental DHA is also suffering from this bounding.

Conservation in Capital Investment:

The car renting companies have to invest more in buying more fleet but the economic conditions of the businesses and government are not good. The companies are now hesitating in making capital investments because of having a shortage of excessive money and their financial situation is also trembling. In many areas, the demand for car renting is greater but there is a shortage of cars and this deficiency has increased the prices of cars.


Getting a suitable and comfortable car on rent is a difficult and critical issue and after the pandemic, the situation has become worst. It is therefore very much important to look for the safest, comfortable, reliable, and less expensive rent-a-car service (like Haririi) that will help you to tackle all these issues and problems. You will not only enjoy luxurious and comfortable cars but will also amazed at their rents and rates because they cost very little as compared to other companies and services available in the town.

By Anurag Rathod

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