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Travelling has changed a lot over the years, and major changes happened in many aspects including how people check-in their luggage from their hotel rooms. Usually, people adopt the traditional check-in method, but nowadays, technology has evolved, and there is a facility for check-in at home or at a hotel that is known as remote check-in or off-airport check-in. It is becoming the next big trend among people due to convenience. In this article, we will compare both types of check-ins and help you determine which one is better for you.

What Is Traditional Check-in?

Traditional check-in methods have been followed for decades when travellers arrive at their airport and follow the check-in procedure for their luggage. In traditional check-in, the staff follow the identification protocols to verify your identity, check your luggage, and follow other formalities before handing over the boarding pass and bag tags. Here are the comprehensive details of the full process:

Waiting line

First, guests must stand in a long queue waiting their turn. The waiting line depends on the number of passengers and check-in service provider you choose. The situation can be daunting during peak hours.

Personal interaction

During personal interaction, the check-in staff member interacts with the passengers. Passengers need to answer some general questions about their luggage check-in.

Check-in approval

Once the staff member interacts with you, they will verify your documents and provide the boarding pass and bag tags. After your check-in, you can proceed to your designated boarding gate. 

Let’s understand a few challenges of traditional check-ins

Traditional check-ins are time-consuming and can be frustrating, especially for those who have a busy schedule. For families travelling with kids and having excessive luggage, and for older adults, traditional check-in can be a stressful affair to deal with. 

Moreover, during the traditional check-in process, you may need to fill out forms and other administrative tasks, which takes time and might be annoying.

What Is Remote Check-in?

Remote check-in or off-airport check-in is the process where travellers can follow the check-in procedures at their hotel rooms or home. There is no need to stand in the long check-in queues at the airport. Wondering how you can avail of a seamless off-airport check-in? Choose Morafiq for convenient off-airport check-in at the doorstep of your home or hotel room. Book the service either through the Morafiq app if booking from your home or ask the hotel front desk to book the service for you. Here is what remote check-in includes:

Digital identity verification

Firstly, the check-in service staff will follow the verification process where you need to produce all your essential documents and flight details for verification at your hotel room or home.

Check-in process

After completing the verification, the staff will weigh your bags, check-in your luggage, and provide the bag tags and boarding pass. 

Advantages of hotel or home check-in 

  1. The off-airport check-in facility allows travellers to check-in from anywhere and save time as there is no need to wait in long lines at the airport.
  2. The team will arrive at your doorstep and follow all the necessary procedures without compromising your privacy.
  3. The process is very smooth, convenient and just takes a few minutes at your hotel room or home. You will have peace of mind as you are already checked in before arriving at the airport. All you need to do is travel bag-free to the airport, skip the lines, fast-track immigration, and head to your gate.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Check-in Method

There are some factors that the guests need to consider before determining whether to go with traditional check-in or remote check-in. Here are they:


Choosing remote check-in will add to your comfort of air travel and offer you peace of mind before your flight. Choose remote check-in to enjoy hassle-free check-in and baggage transfer services. 

Travel schedule

If you are arriving late at night or travelling during peak hours, then choosing remote check-in can save you time and make the process stress-free. On the other hand, traditional check-in can be annoying during sleepy nights.


If you need personalised assistance, then you need to choose remote check-in, as the check-in staff members will provide you with the required personalised services, such as getting your check-in done and safely transferring your bags to the airport. 


Traditional check-in has been a crucial primary check-in source for passengers, but remote check-in is the next big thing in aviation. Off-airport check-in and baggage transfer services will revolutionise the way passengers check-in. The benefits are multiple, and the scope will boost in the years to come. Are you flying from or arriving in Abu Dhabi and looking for the best off-airport check-in services provider? Look no further! Morafiq is your trusted partner that offers seamless check-in and baggage transfer services. 

By Anurag Rathod

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