BMW is one of the major luxury brands in the entire automobile industry. The cars designed by this company are out of the world, with every single model having state-of-the-art technology. 

Even though the idea might seem to be absurd for some people, it is not at all a waste of time in case you want to ask your mechanic a few questions before deciding. If you go for a sanctioned body that checks the entire mechanism and working of the car, then it is always better to go for the BMW mechanic and technician who can work well to enhance the on-road performance of your car.

But, before you pat at your back in self-appreciation, you need to decide what questions you will ask the mechanic so that your decision becomes perfect. As you might be confused right now, we have decided to take it upon ourselves and let you know about the most common questions that one should always ask a BMW mechanic prior to any decision. If you are choosing from online, then check the review of the company and the work warranty that they provide. 

Can you Show your License?

Your first question will revolve around the license of the professional. The automotive industry has set some regulations and compliance rules that every BMW mechanic should meet. And that can only be proven if the mechanic you are hiring has proper license and can show you the updated documents of the same. Also, if you are working as a mechanic, it is essential to get proper certificates and hands-on training experience for repairing the car. 

Are your Insured Properly?

Your second question should revolve around the insurance of the mechanic.  Sometimes, the cost increases so much that it might threaten to leave a hole in your pocket. This is why there is no point of leaving rooms for unnecessary expenses like compensating for a damage caused by an uninsured BMW mechanic. This is why choose only those names who have proper insurance documents. 

Have you Worked on My Car Model Before?

Let’s say that you drive BMW 2 Series Coupe. But, the mechanic you have chosen has never worked on Series 2 but has enough experience in Series 4. Under such conditions, don’t you think it will be a risk to select such a professional? This is why always ask whether or not the mechanic has worked on your model prior or not. 

How Long have you been Working in the Field?

The next question revolves around the experience gained by the professional in the field. His on-field experience will give him an upper edge and hence, you won’t have to worry about his service quality. 

Do you Provide Assurance and Guarantee of your Work?

Apart from these questions, you also have to ask whether the BMW mechanic will provide proper assurance for every service he has offered or not. Let’s say you just had your windshield changed but on being asked about the guarantee, the mechanic refused to answer your question and tells vague answers. Under such condition, you need to ensure that the professional is confident and genuine enough to provide guarantee in physical form, like a card or a document.

How Much will you Charge for the Service?

This is perhaps the most important question where you need to know how much exactly your savings is going to lose. With so many price calculators and quote generators, you wouldn’t have any problem in having an estimate of the service you are looking for. 


Besides these questions, you can ask some more till your heart and mind is on the same page of agreement regarding a concerned BMW car mechanic. 

By Anurag Rathod

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