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With more than 1 billion users who spend on average 30 minutes each day on Instagram, the social media platform certainly impacts the field of online marketing. Many individuals and businesses are now using it to advertise their products and services and lots of users respond to this. This is why we have most Instagram users who use it to find products they’ve had difficulty finding via other channels. Social media marketing companies are aware of the influence that social media platforms have in the current society. It is possible to find anything through social networks if one looks at it long enough. In most cases, it’s not necessary to look that far. The question now is whether purchasing Instagram followers is an excellent idea?

Why is it that the amount of Instagram follower’s matters?

Instagram is now a highly influential social media platform within a decade of presence. Statistics show that Instagram has been amongst the top five most popular mobile websites users and the 6th most popular website in the year 2020. This is just one portion of the story derived from the weight Instagram has. Users of Instagram go beyond its primary functions and continuously discover new ways to get the most value out of it.

Advertising on Instagram has become an essential part of business, as companies invest funds into creating firm profiles on increasing social media platforms. Building more followers and growing your business’s influence is the most important rule to follow. When should a company consider charging people to follow them on Instagram? We will look at the idea of purchasing Instagram followers along with the (dis)advantages it may bring.

Pros of buying Instagram followers

The debate between paid and organic traffic is a subject that is always open for discussion between marketers. While many blindly choose either one or the other, however, some favour the combination of both. Thus, as long as you don’t depend solely on the cost of followers as well as likes on Instagram, there are certain advantages:

#1: More followers result in a higher number of followers.

The users of social networks are an audience that is trend-driven. They have a view of two or three competing companies, which is why they choose the one with the most followers. It’s as simple as that. If your company has a low number of followers, your follower base will be affected. Therefore, by buying Instagram followers, it is possible to fill in the gaps by starting a new account with no followers.

#2: Greater visibility within your area of expertise

Like Google or other popular search engines, these social media sites employ algorithms to create newsfeeds for their users. This makes it easier for users to understand what they’re interested in while browsing their newsfeed. There are, naturally, several factors that impact the algorithm with the number of followers, and general engagement is just one of the most important. However, at the end of the day that the higher number of followers your company has, the greater chance it will be seen in your Instagram newsfeed.

#3: More engagement via Instagram users

People are drawn to trends. We’ve said it often. With the social media landscape constantly, changing it’s challenging to remain on top of the latest trends. But, having a continuously increasing amount of followers will help you stay relevant and interact in conversation with your fellow users. When you purchase Instagram followers who are ready to interact, you will achieve the viral effect people notice. The only downside is to be aware of engagement and the comments which the followers you purchase, leave. This is the reason why you should be sure to buy Instagram followers with an established track of performance.

#4: Getting endorsement deals is now more simple

Influencer endorsements have been an excellent way to earn money through popular social platforms like Instagram specifically. As you gain followers, more influence of your views can grow. It can also be a powerful method to promote other people and businesses on Instagram. The purchase of free Instagram followers will allow you to build your profile and open up the possibility of influencer marketing. But once you’ve achieved this status, you have been attentive to every post or engagement you engage in since it will affect your likelihood of gaining influencer endorsement.

#5: Boosting your authority for your Instagram brand

Online marketing has become more complex than ever before, as brands compete for consumers’ love. To be competitive, you must have credibility. With a more trustworthy online presence, your brand will become more credible. For Instagram companies, the number of followers is essential in establishing credibility and becoming an authentic Instagram business.

Cons of buying Instagram followers

Like all strategies in digital marketing, there are always risks associated with a strategy. The absence of weighing the risks of a choice before taking it can be disastrous for the company. So, be sure to examine the risks of purchasing followers or likes on Instagram before making the decision:

#1: Costly but no return or guarantees.

The truth is that purchasing Instagram followers who have been vetted will cost you a substantial amount. If you’re looking to have a significant impact, you must buy at most a few thousand followers, and that’s quite a bit. If you don’t take the time to study and buy from trusted sources, you may not get the return you’re looking for. You must be careful and strategic before purchasing this magnitude of followers.

#2: Could be damaging to your reputation

To be forced to pay into a sport always comes with some degree of prejudgment. Consumers quickly develop negative opinions when they see a fraudulent rise to the top of the list. It is a fact that’s never been more apparent than now, thanks to the knowledge you can gain from social media sites. Suppose you decide to purchase many followers but don’t have the experience to support it. In that case, the purchase could backfire on your efforts tenfold, which could result in a complete loss of credibility.

#3: Engagement isn’t an assurance that comes with followers

Many people believe that just acquiring only a few hundred thousand followers on Instagram can set them up to be successful. But this isn’t the case. Far away from it. However, even with the massive amount of Instagram followers, you have to develop your engagement by strategizing and creating good content. The purchase of Instagram followers will get you through the gate; however, you need to make the right decisions for a chance to win.

#4: High chance of being banned shadow banned

As with all social media networks, Instagram has its terms of service and usage that users must adhere to. While purchasing real followers is fine, buying counterfeit followers with spam comments and low engagement could be a red flag. In these situations, others users could accuse you of fraud and open your profile to be banned for breaking the Instagram conditions of the agreement.

#5: The results of a similar decision are only temporary

Like paid ads, buying followers can only garner other people’s attention for a short period. It’s an infrequent boost that could draw attention in your direction. However, you require something to showcase once this occurs. If you fail, you’ll fall off the track and wind with a low-quality investment.

The reasons why people invest in increasing Instagram followers as well as likes

In terms of marketing your business online, having many followers on social media sites is an essential element to possess. It lets you promote your company on many marketing channels and contributes to your brand’s overall marketing strategy and awareness. These are the top motives to increase the followership followers on Instagram and other social media platforms:

  • Being a part of a larger community of followers can increase traffic to websites, which improves the number of visitors to websites.
  • The more powerful an Instagram profile is, the more significant influence it has on brands, leading to higher sales.
  • As the number of followers on Instagram increases, more networking opportunities are more readily available.
  • Sharing content and other forms of marketing campaigns are now more straightforward.
  • An increased number of interactions can result in lasting relationships between brands and their customers.
  • A significant number of followers creates leads and potential clients, resulting in higher profits.

By Anurag Rathod

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