With the announcement of Covid-19 pandemic, all professionals all over the world were, for some time, less productive as they have little or no prior experience of working from home. This “never explored before” experience has been life changing for everyone as we all have learned a new, exciting, and motivational ways to deal with the unexpected situation.

As expected, in the beginning of the “new normal” productivity was at its lowest point with the contributing factors like disturbed communications, remote workplace, lack of platform to get virtually connected without any disruption and no access to “work-friendly environment” at home.  However, while facing such situation, we have prepared ourselves for the future of work environment. By experimenting with the different technique for improved remote collaboration, we have listed some of the best techniques that has worked for many.

Cloud platforms

Cloud platforms plays a key role in keeping the team connected while they are physically distant from each other. Imagine a scenario where members of two different departments must collaborate who are living in different time zones, here cloud platform becomes extremely useful as each participated person can work on their time and in their comfort zone. By hosting your work on cloud, all team members can be updated without wasting time on asking another person about the update. Moreover, this platform also keeps all the people on board as they can make a note on a document or attachment, so that a constant communication among the colleagues.

A single source of information

Do not rely on too many modes of communication tools as it has more chances of creating a confusion among the communicators. Only use one reliable platform to get work done. By accessing only one tool it becomes easy to trace documents, files, and attachments from old conversations, eliminating the wastage of time in finding files on multiple platforms.

Creating a work environment

This is another major factor which directly effects your workflow and productivity. Not having a proper space at home where you can sit silently and focus on your work is real issue. To solve this matter, it is important to have conversation with your family member and build constructive boundaries which supports you in working from home.

For an example, if you need to dedicate 7 hours a day, you all come to an agreement that no one will disturb you at that time by any means. Additionally, you should also look for a space that has enough sun light, a comfortable seat and all the other things that are needed for your work.

Get in touch with your colleagues.

Not only for work purposes, but you can also call your collogues to casually catchup. This will make you feel like connected with each other and add some new and refreshing vibes in the atmosphere. Moreover, all staff members can plan for a conference call and have some other topics to discuss than work. By doing so it will improve your mood and you will feel motivated.

Embrace the new way of working

Sometimes it becomes annoying and difficult to cope-up with new work patterns and tendencies resulting into feeling of demotivation leading to decreased work productivity. To learn and accept the other way of working, have a discussion with a colleague how they are making themselves comfortable with the situation; it will help you in getting new ideas and techniques to rock with the innovative method of working.

Make a to-do list!

One of the easiest but highly useful tip to make your work from home highly in line with timelines along with clarity and same productivity rate as of office. Moreover, double check your to-do list and verify it at the end of the workday if you have completed it or not.

Reward yourself with short breaks! 

Imagine working tirelessly for long hours without any quick break! This could lead to unwellness of health and other issues regarding sitting posture and eye-itching. To overcome this, assign yourself a task and once you achieve it treat yourself a short break of 10 minutes. By doing so, you will feel fresh and motivated.

Be disciplined and sincere.

It is very easy to get distracted by web series or TV channel show while there is no one to keep eye on you. The simplest way to keep yourself disciplined is to avoid such distractions. Other than that, if possible, assign hours to do the things that interests you the most.

Reliable broadband

Another key role while working remotely is to have access to well-connected internet. As we all know that low internet speed or disrupted connection drags the productivity rate to the lowest and plus you waste your time doing nothing other than sitting silently.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.