10 Powerful Strategies for Generating Home Services Leads in 2022

A business becomes successful when a consistent customer flow contributes to increased sales and boosted revenue. This customer flow comes from accurately marketing your brand on the right channels. With the advent of digital marketing, it’s only best if you move with the pace of time, and that’s where lead generation comes in. 

If you’re a home service company ranging between electrical work, roofing, flooring, or HVAC, knowing the importance of lead generation can help you align the best strategies for your business. 

Why Is Lead Generation Important for Home Services?

Your potential customers are the homeowners looking for services like roofing repairs, electrical work, floor cleaning, and HVAC services. Since the internet became a public domain twenty-nine years back, it has put consumers as the decision-makers. 

So, think about it this way:

  • When homeowners with a malfunctioning electrical system look for the ‘best electrician near me,’ would your company make it?
  • If a homeowner asks his friends or family about a reliable furnace repair service provider, would your company appear on the list?
  • Are you among the top-rated and reviewed HVAC companies on popular reviewing sites?

If your answer is no or you’re unsure if you’re using appropriate lead generation strategies, we’ll break it down – bit by bit. 

Let’s start. 

#1 Identify Your Ideal Customers

What problems are your ideal customers facing? How can your service help them overcome those problems? And most importantly, where do your potential customers live? 

You can use automation tools to make these evaluations one less burden on your marketing team. 

#2 Optimize Your Website

Website optimization comes into play when you incorporate on-page SEO, a mobile-friendly interface, a responsive design, and inviting CTAs that draw your audience right inside. 

Not only does it help your website rank higher on the search engines, but it also provides ample reasons for your visitors to distinguish your website over your competitors. 

#3 Integrate Live Chatbots

As a business, you may forget that your audience is human and looking for a human connection even while searching for a particular service. So, adding live chatbots to your website helps the visitor extract the required information then and there without waiting for the traditional email-sending procedure.

#4 Utilize Referral Marketing

A happy customer leads a hundred more people to your business. When your existing customers are satisfied with your offerings, they’re bound to tell others about you. But you can take this word-of-the-mouth scheme up a notch by setting up an incentive for telling others about your business. 

It can be anything from a discount coupon or gift card on the next purchase. Some companies also offer incentives to new users, which continues the referral chain. So, it’s a win-win for both. 

#5 Offer Freebies & Discounts

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Your potential customer would love to access your product for free to assess if it’s worth paying for. 

It’s one of the reasons business apps are utilizing this lead generation tactic to capture their visitors’ attention. Another way is by placing discount popups on signing up for your company’s newsletter. 

#6 Maintain Reviews on Public Platforms

Like referrals, reviews work as the magical motivator for attracting interested visitors to your business. However, the key lies in displaying genuine, authentic reviews from your previous clients on public platforms. 

Here, you can also utilize incentive strategies to encourage your customers to add valuable reviews in exchange for gift coupons and discounts. 

This creates a mutual sense of trust, offering you the credibility to continue with your home service business. 

#7 Use Automation Tools

If you’ve been using traditional mediums to advertise your brand, it will only work to a certain extent. Eventually, home service companies relying on conventional means will die down if they don’t adapt to recent trends. 

The recent trends demand switching to automation tools that help you reach out to interested users. These tools use behavioral and demographic targeting to rule out the best leads to work on. 

Moreover, automating your customer lead management system will help you follow up on your existing and potential leads and provide access to fresh, exclusive ones.

#8 Don’t Neglect Your Existing Customers

This can be the final nail in the coffin for home service providers. If you’re constantly pursuing new leads and forgetting the old ones, your entire business empire might crash sooner than later. Therefore, keep the current leads in the loop by emailing them regularly or calling them for updates about their due purchase that you talked about in the last call. 

And if you sense a particular lead seems disinterested in your service at a later point, it never hurts to ask for a referral to point your strategy towards an effective lead channel. 

#9 Leverage Social Media Channels

With the entire world shifting towards social media platforms for interactions, it’s only wise to make your business visible on these channels. 

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are powerful mediums where you can:

  • Add links to your landing pages to boost engagements
  • Showcase testimonials to portray your brand’s reliability
  • Monitor conversations and step in to solve issues based on experience 
  • Share tips, tricks, and other useful links to showcase authority

#10 Focus on Lead Nurturing 

Lead generation is only half the game. Once you’ve got a lead, it’s time to nurture them. 

You may think it’s futile to nurture a lead and that it’s better to go after fresh leads in hopes that they’ll convert themselves. But here are some ways you can effectively transform your existing lead by nurturing them consistently:

  • Message/email them consistently
  • Offer helpful content that builds brand awareness
  • Track which message delivers the best result to maximize time and resources
  • Set up a free signup trial of your product/service to convert more leads

 Several companies are now offering lead nurturing tools that allow home service companies to engage with potential customers by building smart lead nurturing campaigns. 

The Final Word 

At the end of the day, lead generation is all about presenting your business in front of your potential customers in a better light and forming connections with them. Eventually, it converts your leads into actual, paying customers while maximizing your reach. 

Whether you do it via cold calling, increasing your brand visibility, or using automation tools depends upon the nature of your business. But for home services globally, lead generation tools and strategies are working like the magnetic force attracting and retaining customers simultaneously.