Picking the Finished Frame for your Platinum vs Gold Ring

When you are purchasing essential rings, you must check the best metals. The choice is usually platinum vs gold ring. In most cases, you do but a custom design for an engagement ring. After all, it will serve the purpose for a short while then you replace it with a wedding band or ring. 

Many people prefer picking a finished frame for their engagement rings. Sometimes you can do the same for your wedding ring when you are choosing a metal. There are a few things you should check. In this writing piece, we will compare platinum vs gold ring and see which is better to purchase. 


Gold and platinum are naturally occurring metals. Gold is yellow, and it ranks high in the most precious metals. Due to its color, it can limit you on the choices of your outfit. Thus, it may not be suitable if you like observing fashion details. 

On the other hand, platinum occurs as white metal. Thus, you can wear it with any outfit. It makes you feel flexible as you select your dress. Also, the platinum can make the diamond appear shinier.


As we have already seen, gold is yellow, while platinum is white. However, that is not the only aspect of appearance. Pure gold is a very soft metal. It is also known as 24K gold. The softness makes the metal unsuitable for high-end jewelry. Thus, a jeweler will need to alloy the gold with other metals to make it stronger. The metal that a jeweler uses may affect the color of the gold. Sometimes they end up with white gold. Since it is yellowish, they coat it with rhodium to give it a white finish. You can also get rose gold when the metal is alloyed with copper. Rose gold gets its final color through alloying. Thus, it will not need replating, unlike the white gold. 

Platinum, on the other side, occurs in its natural form. When the metal contains 95% and more platinum, it is called pure platinum. It is strong enough to make high-end jewelry. However, it has a degree of softness that makes the metal create the patina finish. 


Gold jewelry is resistant to scratch. It is because the metals that mix with gold to make an alloy makes the metal hard. Thus, if you want a metal that will resist scratches, then you should select a gold. When subjected to higher pressure, you will lose a part of the gold medal to a scratch.

Platinum is prone to scratches since it is soft. However, what happens is that the metal moves aside, giving way to the scratching object. It provides your platinum jewelry a vintage look. However, you can restore your platinum jewelry to its original look. 

When you compare platinum vs gold using durability, you may decide to buy a gold jewelry piece. However, when you take scratched gold for polishing, your jewelry grows thinner. After a long time, you will notice a difference in thickness. You cannot experience this with platinum. 


The price of gold is usually higher than that of platinum. However, they base this price on the purity of the metal. 

In the jewelry market, gold is sold as an alloy. Thus, the other metals lower the price of gold. On the other hand, platinum is sold in its pure form. It makes platinum rings more expensive than gold. 


If you compare platinum vs gold ring, you will notice that a platinum ring is heavier than a gold ring of the same size. It is attributed to the high density of platinum. Despite the weight, platinum is very safe to wear. 

The gold ring can cause skin irritation. However, the allergic reactions are brought by the metal used to make the alloy. So, consider your skin sensitivity when selecting your finished frame ring. 


The points above are essential when you are picking between platinum vs gold ring. It would be best if you were keen on the reasons above not to waste money on the wrong metal. Both platinum and gold make excellent jewelry. 

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