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When it comes to fashion there is no right or wrong trends but there are a few looks that don’t go well with the petite women. Some petite clothing for women that are not for petite women is oversized coats, heavy layers, and even ankle strap footwear which are a red zone for all Petites. Some trends work well for most body types and keeping track of what works for you and what does not will surely make you look fashionable and trendy. This blog will discuss the top 5 trends so keep on scrolling and start reading ladies!


This is one of the most popular trends among petite women as it instantly creates an illusion of a longer height. You can opt for horizontal, slanting, or chevron stripes especially for your lower body area to create an illusion of longer legs and visually leaner. Horizontal striped blazers, chevron skirts, or other dresses with stripes will look flattering on women under 5’3″.

High-Waist Bottoms

High-waist bottoms are a must-have for anyone looking to create a long and leaner look. There is no match to high waist trousers and skirts for short women are a perfect, stylish, and trendy clothing option for them. For petite women, just get a pair of loose, tailored trousers, and full or pencil style high waist skirts and you are good to rock any occasion. You can also add a form-fitting top with them, even a crop top to show a hint of skin for getting a leaner and taller look.

Compact handbags

Compact handbags are one of the wonderful created blessings of fashion trends for petite women. These handbags give a trendy and elegant look which is difficult to get with oversized or big bags. There are a variety of options like a box, rounded, or even envelope style hand band which will not take away eyes from the dress and make you look trendier.

Peplum Tops

This is one of the best fashion trends that can be worn by any women irrespective of their height. For petite women planning to buy these peplum tops, it is best to focus on where the peplum details sit as these are an important tool for creating the illusion of taller or shorter height. It is important to create peplum details around the waist for petite women to get the maximum out of this trendy outfit.

Nude footwear

Nude footwear is going to a must-have for petite women and needs to be in your closet every petite woman closet. The best things about this footwear are that it can create an illusion of longer height by mixing with the skin. It is best to wear high waisted jeans with them to make your torso look even with your lower height. Petite women can opt for pointy-toe heels to increase their legs height or ankle-strap nude shoes that visually divide legs and create an illusion of longer and leaner legs.
These are the top 5 trends that petite women should know while shopping online or offline from the best petite clothing store. If there is an outfit that needs to be on this list, then do let us know down in the comment section and we will surely add the best in our blog.

By Anurag Rathod

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