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7 ways to get the best traffic sources for your Fashion Blog

7 ways to get the best traffic sources for your Fashion Blog

Fashion has reached new levels with the growing trend of blogging and new age fashion bloggers. Fashion blog has made it easy for people to come out on a platform and speak through their style. It has paved ways not just for a free expression of your style but also is currently a great choice of career.

In recent times many bloggers and influencers have proved that loving clothes and playing dress up (not everyone’s cup of tea) can be more than just an entertainment idea.

But to make it something more and a platform where you actually make a decent earning, you have to create traffic on the page that you have.

For many years, bloggers from all sort of niche have depended on Google and SEO optimized page for generating web traffic and it has worked, till now. The new age bloggers are however forever evolving and including many other sources apart from Google to generate traffic on their blog.

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Making SEO content is not enough anymore, you need to pull the big guns and explore your options as much as you can.  Your blog needs to be everywhere in this era of social media. You should create a perfectly SEO optimized page, but then put it out to generate more traffic via other sources.

Fashion bloggers especially have a wide range of sources to choose from and make it work for them.

So if you are looking for ways to get the best of traffic on your fashion blog just take a hint from the 7 ways below.

E-mail marketing:

It is this one thing that everybody checks daily, and is easily accessible on the smartphone – mail box. No matter what business you are in, emails always come in handy.

To a fashion blog, these are subscriptions and they make people visit your blog again, and again. Letting people see a glimpse of your content through emails, you encourage them to get to know the rest.

Be a guest writer:

This one is best if you have just started or plan on starting a fashion blog. Be a guest writer on some high authority page or website, and introduce people to your style and your content.

Make sure you have the right SEO optimized content on the page as a guest writer because that is likely to shape your impression as a fashion blogger.

Social media is your field:

Blogging is no more just about writing a blog page. It isn’t just about SEO optimized page with good quality (yes it is the foremost requirement), there is more to blogging with social media actively participating in our day to day lives.

Your blog needs to be connected to every source that can bring in more traffic, be it Instagram or Twitter or Pinterest. Find which social platform is the best traffic source for your Blog and then use it to its fullest.

Interviews with famous people or website:

People and websites with already a huge following are a great way to get traffic for your own blog. You can choose to either interview an already famous blogger or get yourself an interview with a website that has a nice platform.

Use your connections when it comes to fashion blogging, get an interview of a blogger on a topic that goes with your style and blog. This provides exposure to you and more people come to know about you.

If you have the budget and resources to do it, invest in Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and other paid traffic generating options. It is always possible for you to buy social media followers and subscribers (just don’t go overboard) so that it helps to make a base.

Fashion Communities:

To build a following in this field you need solid networking. Fashion communities are a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for a platform to be out there. You can either go for blog commenting or directly getting involved in a community.

Make sure you leave a meaningful comment on a post of a high authority page or website, by your blog page. Fashion community forums fulfill the purpose of introducing you to people who share the same passion and love for fashion.

Trending Hashtags:

Hashtags are everywhere, and they control the social media at a very large extent. You are more likely to generate good traffic if you add the right and trending Hashtags to your blog post. Hashtags ensure that your post is definitely visible to people looking for relative content.

These are not just the only options, but these are the best way to generate more traffic for your Fashion Blog. Make sure you maintain a good on-page SEO score, use social media to its best and just work hard consistently.

Author’s Bio:

Harold is a marketing enthusiast and an influencer in Different verticals. She keeps special interest in the impact of visual branding on business growth. She has been writing for a long time now and has a interest in traveling as well.

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