Quality Guarantee and The Process:

A good quality construction is supreme for the permanency of your patio and an expert installation is a valuable investment. Our Patios Exeter installations are frequently inspected so that we can uphold our authorizations with quality manufactures, providers, and associations.

As well as manufacture guarantees, we like to back our work with a 5-year installation assurance. We can endure to defend your patio well into the future and provide various additional services such as cleaning and sealing or repair and restoration work.

Choosing a new patio is exciting, however, it’s not always easy to imagine how your favorite choice of paving will look, especially when there is so much choice. Conceptions and CAD drawings are countless ways to get what colors, designs, and designs work best in your space. With these services, you can be self-assured that you have the right products before your commit to your project.

Planning the perfect patio:

Right now, is the perfect time to start thinking about the developments you’d like to make to your garden, and the conducts you’ll use and like during the lighter days of 2016. With aesthetic picks made and practical deliberations enclosed, you can get to work as soon as the weather allows. A new or refreshed patio area is a great place to start.

 For many gardeners, the patio delivers a central focus; the seamless position from which to enjoy the fruits of your labor and divert family and friends. So, what do you need to think about when preparing the perfect patio?

Sizing it all up

Size and shape are your primary deliberation, both in terms of the area in which your patio will be placed and the paving you select to build it. Whether you want a great circular-shaped patio that emits out from a central point, a simple grid pattern, or something more idiosyncratic to suit an unusually-shaped space, there are lots of stunning design ideas to select from. 

Depending on the size of the area you have accessible and how you eventually intend to use it, you may pick to add dissimilar levels to your patio, making variation and amply of options for presenting huge pots full of colorful blooms.

Living in a material world

Perhaps the most significant choice when it comes to the general feel of your new patio is that of the definite building materials themselves. Would you like stone with a battered, countryside looks or would a smooth granite finish with a modern contrast color scheme appeal more to your perception? Meanwhile, for those who just can’t wait for a sunny day, there’s now first-class paving that can be placed in the rain.

 The finishing touches

Once you’ve well-known the shape and size of your patio, the paving it will be molded of and the colors that will work best, it’s time to capitalize on a few finishing touches. The furniture, lighting, and establishing you select to embellish your patio will lift it to the next level.

Make it rustic using timber-built bits for a laidback vibe, stylish Italian-style seating for more recognized spaces, or cool simple furniture for an up-to-date, pared-back look. Light the space with chunky lanterns, instant fairy lights, or delicate up-lighters and watch it come to life at night.

By preparation now and making to get your new patio built as soon as spring reaches, you can give yourself a head-start on the whole year’s gardening pleasure. A bit of advanced will mean you can unlock your gardens possible and make the most of every warmer day outdoors.


We offer an expert and dependable service using only the finest quality materials to guarantee a first-class finish and a long-lasting new patio or drive. All our work is reliably A+ and with competitive prices. A beautiful new patio or driveway will make a gigantic variance to your home

. Contact our devoted patio builders in Exeter to discuss the placing of a patio for your home.  You can also ring us on our number if you would like to speak with one of our Exeter decking experts. Our decking and Patios Exeter builders look forward to hearing from you and employed with you to achieve your dream outdoor space.

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