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List of the Services Provided by a Full-Time Packing & Moving Business

List of the Services Provided by a Full-Time Packing & Moving Business

Packer and mover service business is spreading rapidly all around the world. Because of the high demands of the customer from both local as well as from nearby cities for relocation. Now you can simply imagine that thousands of people require packing & moving services to relocate from one place to another. People are usually looking for cost-effective packing and moving service providing company that can help them in wrapping all their stuff and shift everything.

That is why this is a business that is giving a huge opportunity for starting up business to provide packing as well as shifting services. If you are looking further to start a packer and mover business then it is a great opportunity that you should not miss.

Packing and moving business involve multiple services that should be provided to the customers. The services are the most essential part in which the whole business is based on. So without wasting much time, let us throw some light on services that should be included in a packer and movers business.

  • Survey

Requesting for packing and moving service, every customer wants to know the price. What will be the cost of packing as well as shifting all the things to the new place? But, the service provider does not know how many things are there in their customer’s home for packing and moving. This is why home survey service is necessary to provide.

In-home survey, packers, and movers visit their customer’s home and will make a list of the things that a customer wants to shift. After that, the service provider will make the cost estimation including all the charges like transportation and much more.

  • Loading & Packing

After the customer agrees to proceed with the cost, the service provider will schedule the date and time to pack all the kinds of stuff of their customer. The service provider should bring their own packing material. At least, 2 to 3 packers and movers should visit the customer’s home with one of their supervisor for packing their goods. The service provider’s staff will pack all the stuff and will load them up on the truck. Also, the transit insurance should be provided to the customer. So that, if any accident occurs and the goods of the customer get destroyed, who will be responsible? So, the insurance for all the goods is very important.

  • Goods Transportation

Transportation of goods should be done carefully. The vehicle that is used for transporting goods should have safety gears from inside. So that, no stuff should get damaged. In the packing and moving business, the transportation is done from the old house door to the new one. This is the symbol of quality service.

  • Goods Re-arrangement

Well, this can be a value-added service that a service provider can offer to their customer. This means if a customer agrees to pay more than a service provider can unpack and re-arrange all the kinds of stuff at the places where the customer wants. Goods like big appliances i.e., washing machine, wardrobe, refrigerator etc.

  • Other Services

The packer and mover company provide vehicle transportation service too. If any customer wants to transport their car or bike from one place to another, he or she can contact a moving service providing company. Many packing and moving company also have warehouses, so that they can even offer their customer a scheduled delivery.

App for Packer and Mover Service Business

on demand moving app

If you are looking for a start-up business, packer and mover is one of the best business to start anywhere in the world. And to bring your business to the next level, consider purchasing on-demand moving app. A business through the app will make you earn a lot and your customers will reach you easily. An uber for moving service app can make your business a successful one.

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