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The growth of the on demand sector has been nothing short of wonderful. There are hundreds of thousands of users all over the world enjoying the benefits of a single app that enables them to hire multiple services whenever the need arises.

This is probably the biggest reason so as to why many smart entrepreneurs are choosing to enter this industry with the help of their own on demand multi services app. But just like there’s a bunch of bees hovering over every pot of honey, many developers have started building their own on demand apps to tap into the profit potential of this business.

Before we get down to choosing the best app for your business, it is important to identify some of the top multi services apps in the market so that you can understand what to look for in the clone app that you purchase.

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Top Multi Services App in the market


Gojek has quickly established itself as one of the fastest growing business in the south East Asian marketplace. Its service offering include ride services, delivery services, food ordering, grocery purchase and much more.


The Handyman app is a unique app in itself. It doesn’t categorize specific services but enables the users to hire the services of a handyman to help them around the house. It is a quick and efficient app and can be helpful for the users.

Takl App

Takl is another very popular multi services application that enables users to log in and hire service providers for different services around their homes or even their offices.

Picking your kind of business app

When it comes to setting up your own business based on any one of the clones of the apps mentioned above, it is important to understand and outline your personal requirements from the business. Before you start solving the problems of your users, you have to have a very clear idea of what kind of services you can offer and what is it that you expect from your business.

Following are the different types of services that one may offer using an app:


This service will enable your users to pick and choose from various modes of transport. For example, they should be able to book rides for bike taxis, normal taxis, fly, etc. based on their budget and the people traveling.

Common Delivery

This part of the service app involves sending out parcels from one place to the other. The sender can send anything using the app to the receiver’s location. The app will also allow the users to pick the mode of transport required for the delivery of the parcel based on the weight, size, budget and the time that the sender has.

Store Based Delivery

This section of the app involves allowing your users to make purchases online using the app and then getting it delivered to their doorstep. For example, if the user wishes to buy food from a restaurant, or buy groceries from a grocery store, they can do that using the app. The app typically allows any kind of product to be sold and delivered using the app, like, food, grocery, alcohol, pharmacy items, bakery items, flowers, bottled water etc.


This is perhaps the most important aspect of the services app. This part of the app allows users to hire any and all kinds of service providers using the app. Regardless of whether it is a plumber or an electrician, this section covers it all.

Now that you know what the main components that make up a full fledged multi services app are, you can pick and choose the sections that you want to keep in your app. For example, when you start the business, you probably just want to offer Ride and delivery services, but in a couple of months you wish to expand your services to all of them, you should be able to do that.

How to find the right app?

The first thing that you must consider while purchasing your own multi services on demand app is that it should be complete and well structured right in the beginning. Even if you don’t wish to go full bore with your business and start by offering every service under the sun right from the beginning, the app should be completely developed so that you don’t have any kind of problems once your business is already out and rolled in the market.

The best option is to choose a Gojek Clone app that has been built by a reputed and reliable white label on demand mobile app Development Company. Ensure that you take a look at the company’ previous client’s testimonials and reviews to get a better understanding of how it is to work with them. Further, it might also benefit you greatly to take a demo lesson of the app.

Instead of relying only on the information that you get from the development company over emails or over a telephonic call, it is best to go through any and all tutorial and demo videos that give you a first hand explanation of the operations of the app. Once you believe you know the app well, you can then take a free trial or on road demo to test the app. Only once you are completely satisfied with it, should you spend a dime on it.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.