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Gojek! The Indonesia based business start-up that was founded in 2010. For 5 years, Gojek served their customers of Indonesia as well as the customers of other Southeast Asian countries with their quality services. In very fewer years, Gojek went successfully in Southeast Asia as their service was so reliable. Without any business model, Gojek was so successful and in 2015 they released their business startup like GoJek app. Their service based app is so amazing that in less than two years, the app download counts were more than 30 million.

However, if we talk about today then everyone wants their startup like Gojek but managing such numbers of services is not as easy as it looks like. Commencing a business requires a business plan, ideas, resources and much more. However, these are very common things nowadays and even every business person is well planned. All it depends on the business model. It’s an era of on demand apps; nearly every business in the market is running on apps. Business owners are generating more revenue through their business model every day.

But, there are many businesses that are being devastated and the reasons were the lack of resources while building business models as well as the service. Have you ever thought why Gojek is so successful? If not, then let’s break down Gojek’s business plan and study it thoroughly here.

A startup like Gojek Integral Component

The GoJek business model is divided into 3 feature packed parts; let’s elaborate them one by one.

  • Go-Jek

This section of GoJek has eight different services that include medicine delivery, food delivery, taxi service, car rental service, and other three similar services. The application for these services is not different. These services are available in the same app i.e., GoJek.

Essential Services that GoJek Includes

  • Go-Send: This is actually a courier service by GoJek, if you have no other way to send your important thing to your friend’s place, just drop one request and your courier will be sent to your friend’s place immediately. 
  • Go-Box: Well, this service of GoJek allow people to send their heavy and big items to another place. Any item that is of a certain size a needs transportation from one location to the other can be sent using this option. 
  • Go-Tix: this is the option that allows people to book tickets using the app. whether it is a movie ticket or a play in the vicinity the users can simply click on this option and then be on their way to booking their tickets easily. 
  • Go-Meds: This is probably the option that has gained the most popular in Indonesia. It is the easiest way for people to order medicines and get them delivered to their doorstep.
  • Go-Life

Well, GoJek has added their life feature recently their app. This feature related to services like massage, beautician etc. Users can find professional service providers in just a few clicks. More than 12,000 trained professionals are the part of Go-live for providing quality services to their every single customer.

  • Go-Pay

Through its name, you can get the idea of what Go-Pay services are. This section of Go-Jek is available for every customer 24/7. It is related to payments and money transfer, a user can pay their bills, can transfer money to any user, can use e-wallets for further payment or paying for any service. Go-Pay is very secure and hassle-free money transaction system.

These are the three parts of the business model and these three are under one roof. Even their services can also be accessed through one application only and that is GoJek.

That’s how their business works according to their business model. If your business model is lacking behind somewhere than consider it garbage as there are many other robust multi-service on demand app in the market. It’s better to switch to GoJek clone app as it comes with many more services in Compare to original GoJek. Start your multi-service on demand business start-up with GoJek clone app and blast out in the market with your quality services.

Adding services to your app

While the entire world is migrating towards single apps that cater to all their requirements, it is absolutely essential that we do not get carried away and start cluttering the app itself. Not everyone wants everything.

The kind of services that you offer is always supposed to be geographically and demographically aligned. What do people want? That is the question that should drive you to build your app. Now the market may be having a few options that have a pre-made Gojek Clone application that has a set number of services within it.

What do you do when you are faced with such an app? the choice is simple. All you need to do is to make sure that you go for an option that allows you to hide all the services that aren’t required in the impending future.

Say for example you pick an app that offers 10 services but you only need 3. Take an app that is dynamic enough to allow you to hide the remaining 7 when you don’t need them. And when you do, you can simply unhide or activate these services right from the admin panel.

A startup like Gojek business is never going to be an easy decision. However, with a careful amount of research and an adequate amount of planning, you should be able to make wonders out of your new app based business enterprise.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.