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Tiles are the main factor determining the style and appearance of the office space. Therefore, the architect in the design process must consider and combine the tiles and the interior of the room to create the most suitable and harmonious. Some tips for choosing the right mosaic for your office will be beneficial.

1. Select by office area

For offices with a small area, you need to choose smooth tiles to make the room look more spacious and beautiful. As for the tiles’ color, you should choose a light shade as the primary color to make it feel more spacious. Also, you can use dark colors for the frame. For a large office surface, you can use a variety of tiles, such as rustic tiles, hard surfaces, or natural stones, they are a perfect choice. The size of the brick is chosen to make it more flexible.

2. The size of the tiles

It is also possible to store a variety of corporate office boards. It is essential to harmonize colors to create accents and establish impressive spaces. The trend of choosing large tiles is now more preferred than ever because it helps much more space.

In the past, patterned plates with many patterns and colorful colors with small dimensions (300 * 300 mm) were very popular. The current trend has changed. The 400 * 400 mm colored tiles, with monochrome patterns, are used more for refinement and elegance. In addition to 600 × 600 tiles, you can also choose 1200 × 1200 mm tiles that are well suited to enhance architectural beauty.

3. Select the color of the tiles

Light-colored large porcelain tiles tend to make the deck feel more prominent and airier, while the dark and dark colors of the floor tiles add to the impression. Some clients prefer to combine these two types, either by using neutral light shades for almost all mosaics or by adding dark background mosaics combined with light-colored bricks. However, it should be noted that office design boards should use warm colors to provide a balanced feeling when working comfortably.

4. Select the brand of ceramic tiles

The ceramic tile market in India is very diverse and abundant, and customers can easily choose the types of tiles from the brands they want. When designing the office, you need to select the type of Polished porcelain glazed tiles tile that ensures high durability and various colors so that you can easily choose to buy shades that match the interior’s color.

Also, the selection of mosaics, mosaics in particular, and mosaics, in general, should be based on office space. For small offices, choose brightly colored tiles and simple texture patterns. The room has a larger area, and you should choose dark colored tiles to provide a luxurious and trustworthy area.

Tiles manufacturers always have various sizes, these brands have released continuously many beautiful tiles, especially the super waterproof and durable granite over time. Today, this type of brick is a trend of choice for many customers, specially installed in offices or luxury apartment buildings.

The office is not only a job but also a “face” of your company. Therefore, you should consider the choice of tiles and the interior design of the office, to harmonize and create your style. For the authentic dishes you want, Visit the top tiles supplier for direct advice!

By Anurag Rathod

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