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The pandemic never stopped the most prestigious luxury brands from exercising their craft and producing the best timepieces they could offer to the art. It is during these trying times that you can see how passionate they are in what they do. You can also see how innovative they are based on the trends we have today. This summer, they have released new watch editions that are perfect for your summer getaways. The trends for luxury watch designs are truly unstoppable, that there will always be the perfect design for everyone. If you have been thinking about investing in a luxury watch yourself, you have come to the right place. Here are some luxury watches just released this 2021:

Tudor’s Black Bay Fifty-Eight

Also, as a welcome to the great promise that the summer of 2021 brings, it is just right to start this list as well with a bomb! You might be more than familiar with our first entry. Ladies always choose Tudor women watches as their reliable ticking companion, and this choice no longer comes as a surprise. For this year, Tudor revamps one of everyone’s favorite Tudor timepieces, Black Bay Fifty-Eight. This year’s makeover involves releasing a Black Bay Fifty-Eight made with a yellow-gold case that perfectly complements its olive dial. The real selling point here is its beautiful open case at the back, protected by a sapphire display. From here, you can see its wonderful movement, a brand-new MT5400 movement.

It might no longer come as a surprise that Tudor gave a new model for the Black Bay Fifty-Eight. Since then, Tudor has released several models like a timepiece inspired by the French Navy and others!

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity

This timepiece from Maurice Lacroix signals the start of the new era for luxury watches because of its innovations. From what we can remember, Maurice Lacroix utilized a compound called silicium in their watches’ regulating organ. This compound is frictionless and helps with accuracy and efficiency. They are the first ones to incorporate this technology. For 2021, it introduces the Masterpiece Gravity with a more minimalistic design with its off-center dial for you to see its organ in its full splendor at the lower left side. This dial is sun-brushed yet colored silver.

Breitling Superocean Heritage ’57 Pastel Paradise

If you are crazy about pastel to match your hot summer vibes, maybe the new Breitling will be your best bet. Breitling CEO Georges Kern says that the comeback of this timepiece which peaked during the 1950s to 1960s is a homage to the rise of seaside leisure. Its five colors which depict the seasons truly fit the colorful aesthetics of everyone out there. You can choose between aquamarine, mint green, summer white, rainbow tangerine, or iced latte.

Rainbow tangerine has a white dial that showcases its hour hands and markers, which are in rainbow colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Superluminova coats these markers for them to glow even in the dark. You can expect this 38mm steel watch to boast a clean design with Saffiano leather in matching colors. Of course, what movement should power up this charming timepiece? An automatic movement, Breitling Caliber 10, has earned the accolade of a COSC certification.

De Bethune DB25GMT Starry Varius

The De Bethune DB25GMT Starry Varius fits with those who have special awe in the celestial bodies. We do not blame them because they are truly magnificent, especially this watch! The newest De Bethune watch has a microsphere encircling a corridor to tell the wearer the home time or the time in 24 hours. Half of these numbers are in pink while half are in blue—this means set night and day apart. The colors change at 6 PM and 6 AM. You can also see the local time with its conventional hands.

This great work of art also has a central dial adorned with a small night sky design with brilliant stars and the Milky Way. Not only for those who have an affinity with the celestial world, this watch is also best for those looking for sophistication and elegance. This 42mm watch has a case made of grade 5 titanium and lugs that work openly.

Breguet Type XXI 3815

Breguet watches are also to die for. It looks like its vintage-designed watch took a trip on the time machine and transported itself to retro! For 2021, we get to indulge in the beauty of their new watch as Breguet updates its look. The Type XXI 3815 has a new case made of titanium which becomes the retro counterpart of Breguet 2016’s Type XXI 3817. This 42mm watch has a classic-looking chronograph and a dial with a dark black color. Its oversized numerals in colors green or orange will not let you miss the hour of the day. This watch also has a self-winding movement.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso in pine green

Of course, one of the most prestigious luxury brands would not want to miss the party. 2021 is also a memorable year for Jaeger-LeCoultre as its most famous collection marks its 90th anniversary. To celebrate this, the Swiss luxury brand launched a new Reverso in pine green. It has a lacquered dial with a sun-brushed finish. It has thick Dauphine hands. This watch will be comfortable to wear and quite secure because of its leather straps. If you want to personalize this watch or send it to someone important to you, you can also add engravings at its back made with solid metal.

Get a watch to set your year straight!

Now that you know some of the hottest and newest luxury watches of the season, it is now up to you to decide on the right piece that will give you a good feeling! We are already in the middle of the year, yes, but it is never too late to catch up and get a luxury watch as a good luck accessory! Check out WatchShopping to stay updated about the newest watches—sometimes, at a discount!

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