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As the current dictum in the world goes, it took a pandemic to put things into perspective. When globally, companies were forced to let their employees work from home, each of them realized the necessity of software that will track time and monitor the employee activities while managing the tasks, like Monday or KnowYourDay. So, if you are an owner of an SME and looking for the right software that will time track and monitor your employees whilst they work remotely, you need to look for a few factors.

Factors to Consider Whilst Investing in Time Tracker Software

Every company has its unique structure, work ethics, and management modules. The companies decide how they are going to manage the project depending on their resources and format of operation. So, in your company when you are investing in time tracker software, you need to consider a few factors so that you can choose the right time tracker for employees so that you can boost efficiency and productivity whilst not snooping against your workforce.

So, what factors do you need to consider? Look at the following points to know more. 

Talk with Your Team

Implementing software for employee monitoring can be challenging. Whilst you, the company owner, will look at it as an upgrade, the team might look at it as surveillance. There can be resistance regarding deploying the software for your employees. So, to make this transition process smooth and fast, you need to talk to your team first. Make sure that they are onboard to make this transition successful.

Chalk Out the Budget

 When you are investing in monitoring software for employees, you are investing in something that will offer you benefits, perks, and transparency. Keeping these in mind, you need to chalk out the budget. For bigger companies, whilst budgeting will be a no-brainer, for smaller ones, it can be difficult to do so. That is why you need to choose the right features that are essential for you. Also, make sure that you are getting multiple packages options so that you can choose the right one as per your requirements.

Consider Unique Needs

As we have said before, every brand has its unique requirements. When it comes to managing a project, whilst a company can focus on the time the team is taking, another one can focus on the forecasting of billable hours. So, when you are investing in such a tool, make sure you are not just going by the trend. You are getting something that will be useful for you on a larger scale. 

User Friendliness

 When these apps are developed, the developers have thought about a lot of things. As a result, some of the apps come with many features amongst which only a few can be used. Some of them will come with basic features with no option of customization. Some apps come with complicated UI that takes months to master. So, when you are getting the software make sure it doesn’t demand a lot of time for you to understand. It should have an intuitive dashboard that will give you the overall glimpse of the projects as well as each department and individuals. Also, the timesheet should be in CSV format for better management.

Consider Privacy

Whilst choosing employee monitoring software, one of the grievances of employees remains that their privacy will be compromised. Often tools and applications not only monitor keystrokes and time but also every activity as well as mail tracking along with random screenshots. This is not a very good idea if you want your team to be on the same page as you regarding the application. So, respect privacy.

So, now you know what to consider when getting employee monitoring software. Don’t waste time. Get the best tool in the market that takes care of your requirements. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.