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We all know that moving can be stressful especially if it’s to a new state you have never visited before. There is so much that goes into moving and that includes careful planning. Each state has its benefits, drawbacks, and unique features that contribute to your planning.

Are you moving to Maine? Seafood, miles of coastline, and off-shore islands are some of the things that come to our mind whenever we think about Maine.

Maine is the 42nd most populated state and the largest state in New England region. It is bordered by Quebec and New Brunswick, New Hampshire, and Canadian provinces. With a population of 1.3 million, Pine Tree State is known for its natural beauty and remarkable destinations. But this is not all to this state. Here is everything you should know about this state if you are moving to Maine.

Moving to Maine – Pros & Cons

Pros of Moving to Maine: 

  1. Low Cost of Living: Maine is one of the most affordable states to live in the US, with low costs for housing, food, and transportation. 
  2. Abundant Natural Beauty: Maine has miles of coastline, mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers. 
  3. Low Crime Rate: Maine has one of the lowest rates of violent crime in the US. 
  4. Friendly People: Maine is known for its warm and welcoming people. 
  1. Unique Culture: Maine has a unique culture that is rooted in its history and traditions.

Cons of Moving to Maine:

  1. Limited Job Opportunities: Maine has a limited job market, and job prospects can be slim in some parts of the state. 
  2. Long, Cold Winters: Maine winters are long and cold, with a lot of snow and icy conditions. 
  3. Limited Shopping and Entertainment: Maine is not known for its shopping or entertainment options and can be a bit of a cultural desert in some areas. 
  4. Isolation and Remoteness: Maine is a large, rural state that can feel isolated and remote in some areas. 
  5. High Taxes: Maine has some of the highest taxes

Moving to Maine – Consider the High Cost of Living 

Before moving to any new place, it is essential to have an idea about how much you’ll be spending there. It helps you plan a budget while saving some money. Maine’s cost of living is 13% higher than the national average. Hence it is an expensive state to live in, requiring an average income of $2500 a month.  

This isn’t a small amount, and therefore you should plan. The most effective way is to estimate the cost of living in each city and then compare them. If you want some help, you can use EPI’s Family Budget Calculator. For example, if we compare the living expenses of a small household with 2 children in 5 different cities, the average cost is about $7000 a month.

High Cost of Housing in Maine

As Maine is an expensive state, it has high rental and housing costs. An average home in this state can cost you up to $250,000, which is a lot. If your budget cannot afford to buy a property, you can always rent a house. The average rental price of a small house is about $1700 a month. Therefore, whether you want to buy a house or rent it, proper budgeting is essential before moving to this state.  

Moving to Maine without a Job?

Maine’s unemployment rate of 2.7% is below the national average, making it a state with a healthy job market. With plenty of available jobs and a high payment rate, this state offers plenty of opportunities for new people. Some of the best companies in this state include The Baker Company, Hannaford Bros Co, J.D. Irving, IMI plc, and more.

Internet Connectivity in Maine

The Internet is one of the most basic necessities in our modern lives. Our daily activities and operations rely on a fast internet connection. Therefore, it is also an important factor to consider before moving to Maine. You want to end up in a place with limited options or a laggy internet connection. Hence, it is important to find the best internet deals in different areas of the state before planning your move.

The internet infrastructure is not so well developed in this state compared to others. Maine ranks as the 45th most connected state, with 92.6% of residents having access to 100 Mbps or faster broadband, and only 14% of them have access to 1 gigabit broadband.

Considering availability, affordability, and internet speed, Portland, Springvale, and Sanford are some of the best-connected cities. Consequently, Monhegan, West Forks, Wesley, and Cliff Island are some of the worst-connected places in Maine.

Internet Providers in Maine

Cable and DSL internet connections dominate this state. Among 83 internet providers in Maine, Spectrum, HughesNet and Viasat stand out as crowd favorites. Choosing a reliable internet provider who is also transparent in its services is equally important as selecting a high-speed internet plan.

As 98.9% of residents can access cable internet connections, Spectrum is a reliable internet provider. Spectrum Internet plans in Maine have 85.29% coverage with an average speed of 119 Mbps. With such wide coverage and affordable plans, you can easily benefit from its services. If you are a fan of entertainment, you can also bundle its TV and phone services with internet plans to save some money.

Weather & Climate

Maine experiences warm humid summers with average temperature going up to 70° F and long cold winters with the temperature dropping below 12° F. Maine’s climate is divided into Coastal, Southern, and Northern Interior, and overall has a humid climate. Maine experiences 75-inch snow per year and 46 inches of rain. 

Economic Growth

Maine has a continuously growing economy. According to a report published by the Maine Department of Administrative and Financial Services, the state saw a 1.7% increase in the real GDP from the preceding quarter. The main industries that contributed to this growth were, accommodation and food services, scientific and technical services, finance and insurance, and real estate services.

Hence, moving to Maine is an ideal option for moving with its healthy and growing economy.

Quality Education

The presence of quality education and numerous prestigious educational institutions makes moving to Maine even more desirable. The state boasts a higher High school graduation rate than the national average. This means that locals have easier access to educational facilities. Some of its top educational institutions include the University of Maine, College of the Atlantic, Greely High School, Cape Elizabeth High School, and more.

Healthcare Facilities

On average, Maine offers high-quality healthcare services compared to some other states. Maine has some of the best hospitals in the country. The government also offers health insurance policies such as Medicare and Health Insurance for Veterans to many senior and disabled people. They also have a Maine Care insurance policy which provides free and low-cost healthcare facilities to people who meet certain requirements. Therefore, if you are moving to Maine, you shouldn’t worry about access to quality healthcare facilities.

Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services promotes many opportunities and provides services to a third of Maine residents. Overall the state ranks 19th in terms of healthcare. Some of its best healthcare institutions include Maine Medical Center, Aroostook Medical Center, Charles A. Dean Memorial Hospital, and more.

Getting Around in Maine

Another important factor to consider before moving to Maine is the existence of public transportation. Getting around in Maine is easy as it has a proper and extensive bus network. Its regional and city bus lines provide convenient inter-city and local services. The other transportation facilities in Maine include shuttle and ferry services. You can also enjoy cycling along its well-developed roads.


Attractions are also another important factor to consider, and Maine has many. This Pine Tree State is also known as Vacationland because of its numerous beautiful sights and destinations. With breathtaking gardens, museums, art, and historical attractions, Maine has so much to offer to the people, which makes moving to Maine even more appealing. Some of the best attractions in Maine include:

  • The Old Port and Portland Head House
  • Marginal Way and Ogunquit Beaches
  • Rangeley Lake
  • Asticou Azalea Garden
  • Grafton Notch State Park

Best Cities in Maine

Maine has some of the best cities with plenty of opportunities and attractions. Some of the best cities in Maine are:

  • Portland
  • Bangor
  • Rockland
  • Augusta
  • Lewiston
  • Waterville

Final Verdict on Moving to Maine

Moving to a new place always brings a feeling of apprehension along with the excitement of a fresh new start. Although Maine is one of the least populated states, so many factors make it one of the best ideal places to start anew. With high-quality education and health facilities, a healthy job market and economy, and low crime rates, it is a suitable place for moving. Although its high cost of living and housing might make you hesitate, looking at the other benefits, the prices for moving to Maine are worth it.

By Anurag Rathod

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