The Most Interesting Facebook Ads Trends 2021

Facebook Ads have been a huge part of Facebook marketing for years now, so it’s only natural that business owners and social media managers are concerned with the way they can make their ad campaigns more effective. To truly understand what is to come, it’s worth looking at the most interesting Facebook Ads trends of 2021.

#1 Rising Ad Costs

First and foremost, there are the rising ad costs. Even though right now Facebook Ads costs are relatively affordable for most advertisers, they will most certainly rise in the nearest future. Moreover, ad costs have been rising steadily in the last few years even if this growth wasn’t very significant at first glance. In other words, marketers will probably have to spend bigger budgets on Facebook Ads campaigns.

What’s interesting is that in some cases ads can be substituted by other marketing tactics to achieve the same goals. For example, emotional branding can not only be done with the help of ads but can also be done through branded posts of user-generated content. This is how marketers can try to decrease their ad campaign budgets and instead use other approaches.

#2 AI, AR, and VR

A trend that is gaining traction more and more is the extensive use of AI, AR, and VR in Facebook Ads campaigns. These technologies help marketers create more immersive content that persuades customers to take action. For example, ads can lead customers to on-site VR experiences where they can interact with the products virtually as if they were right beside them in reality.

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#3 Evolution of Ad Formats

Facebook is constantly evolving and updating the features it has to offer while also introducing new features. That’s why marketers are adopting new ad formats for their campaigns which can help reach users not just through the news feed but also through other types of content and other places on Facebook such as Facebook Stories, for example.

The best thing about varying ad formats is that they can be combined with such techniques as influencer marketing for an even greater effect. For instance, after seeing a post from an influencer and then seeing a news feed ad, a user will be more likely to check out your brand’s profile. Moreover, if they see a Stories ad after that, they will be even more likely to do so.

#4 Popularity of UGC

UGC or user-generated content has been around on social media since the platforms’ conception (but on the Internet, it was around even before that). But nowadays, UGC is becoming even more popular especially with brands that want to connect with their audiences better because user-generated content is perfect for personal storytelling.

UGC is not only being used in posts but it is also used in ads for attracting more attention and showing social proof to better persuade audiences. For instance, a contest you have launched on Facebook can be promoted through ads and if it is a contest where users should create content (e.g. artworks), you can use a piece of such content from previous contests in these very ads.

#5 Casualness Is Embraced

Another method used by brands to connect with audiences is casualness. Though some brands are characterized by their “seriousness” and “professionalism”, other brands try to appeal to audiences that have different values. For example, teenagers will probably lean more towards brands that are quirky or fun rather than all business.

Interestingly, though search engine optimization of the different content you use will definitely help you create the casualness you want, using this characteristic in your ads will also help your ads stand out. Use simpler language and don’t be afraid to use phrases or single words in ads instead of using complete sentences.

#6 COVID-19 Aftermath

One thing many business owners and social media managers don’t really think about is the aftermath of COVID-19 and the global pandemic it has brought. The costs for Facebook advertising were down for a while in part due to the pandemic but they soon started rising again – and will continue doing so in the nearest future. But there’s something else marketers should remember.

As experts from the top essay sites put it, “Brands should now be more careful about what they say online regarding their political or social position. The COVID-19 pandemic, the George Floyd protests, and before that the #MeToo movement and many other trends – all of these can help businesses gain the respect of their audiences or make their customers hate them depending on the brands’ actions.”

#7 Video Will Reign (Again)

Video is the format that has been in demand for the majority of the recent decades, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Indeed, video will reign again in 2021 and will probably remain one of the most popular if not the most popular format of content among audiences from all over the world. But what’s particularly important to remember about videos is that they can catch attention easily and just as easily let it go.

In other words, advertisers will be fighting over the attention of their target audience and video will be at the forefront of it all. That’s why it’s worth making your video ads shorter and more packed with value. It’s like using a URL shortener to make your link easier to remember – but for videos, it’s about making your viewers remember the video ads they saw.

#8 Widespread Automation

Last but not least, automation will be even more widespread than it used to be before. Of course, this is quite obvious when you take into account the acceptance of Artificial Intelligence tech, but automation is a simple tool that can be used even without consideration for AI as a whole.

As marketers, using automation tools can be one of the best things you do as it will reduce your workload tremendously and will help you get things done much faster. But this also means finding the right automation tools specifically for your Facebook Ads campaigns and for other marketing techniques you use for this social media platform in addition to ads.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the variety of Facebook Ads trends is truly astounding and needs to be kept in mind when creating ad campaigns for Facebook. These trends will be shaping 2021, so it’s worth that all business owners and social media marketers make sure to remember these trends and make use of them in their own ways.

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