A compact SUV sedan that is still pulled out to make a stand out from the fleet of rivals who are competing hard to reflect a blot of filthy dominance, even then the Eclipse is confronting with its power, amidst the heap of rivals, with a sportier appeal.

Although the vehicle is a little sedentary on the off-roading abilities and doesn’t appear like that of a beast the one it intends to show outwardly.

Mitsubishi offers much of the trim levels for the Eclipse and every engine of every trim comes charged with a 1.5-liter engine, the cruising continues with an engine that inspires power and zeal.

The interior is capacious and highly perfused with space but the cargo is a little creepy and doesn’t match with those of its rivals that are majorly Volkswagen, Toyota, and Mazda.

Price Bars, Trim Levels

There is a fresh inclusion of some of the features and a pure amalgamation of features that balance the diet of a racer and a Mitsubishi Purist, let’s glint down on the trim levels juxtaposed along with the prices that are not daunting and is an easy swallowing thing.

Price BarsTrim Levels($)
Eclipse ES24,590
Eclipse LE25, 940
Eclipse SE27,340
Eclipse SEL28,590

Engines That Command Power

To each, his own is a widely known phrase that concords with every engine of the Mitsubishi Eclipse, and every engine of the vehicle come beefed with a 152 horsepower, turbo-charged, 1.5 liters but being a turbocharged engine the vehicle won’t set you on fire and the power doesn’t satiate to what people might take for granted.

Nailed with continuous variable transmission and with the aggressive appeal of the beautiful engine, the noise of the car isn’t much of a disturbing one. 

The corner-hugging, embracing the sharp turns with immense confidence, the vehicle is highly calibrated to let the twists and turns get knocked down.

Safety And Connectivity

There happens to be a whole roster of connectivity features and a point to detail for every feature loading, these below-mentioned features are the ones that you would be getting.

The touchscreen infotainment system, standard 
The base model lends a 7.0-inch display 
An 8.0-inch display offered with SEL, SE, and LE models 
Android autoplay, apple car play, dash navigation

The safety feature profile of the ‘Ute’ is quite interesting and optimized than ever, features like, automated emergency braking, lane departure warning are offered.

The actual rollout of the driver assistance features is streamed below, 

Lane departure warning 
Automated emergency braking 
Pedestrian detection system 
Adaptive cruise control system 
Other driver-assisted technologies

Coverage And Maintenance

While we have Hyundai and Kia competing hard in the battle of lending the best of coverage, Mitsubishi on the other hand does it more precisely with the best of corrosion protection and with a lot more than just a piece of maintenance.

Warranty Miles Covered
Limited5 years/60,000 miles
Powertrain 10 years/100,000 miles
There is no scheduled complimentary maintenance

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