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Cleaning a sofa set, curtains, carpets, or mattress is basically straightforward and safe if you carefully follow the manufacturer’s directions. But, some owners often tend to forget the procedures and obligate huge mistakes, which in return, cause permanent damage to their upholstered furniture. For instance, performing wrong cleaning procedures can create more or permanent damage rather than upholstery cleaning.

Five Common Upholstery Mistakes One Must Avoid:

1. Ignoring the manufacturer’s guidelines:

If you’ve bought your upholstery from a reputable store, the sales attendant must have advised you on what maintenance guidelines you should follow to keep your items in tip-top condition. These guidelines are mainly designed to know how to maintain your upholstery appropriately as well as avoid unnecessary damage. Thus, failing to follow them can lead to the costly mistake of damaging your upholstery permanently.

2. Making use of wrong products and tools:

If you make use of ready products or homemade products and tools to remove stains on your upholstery, it can be a huge mistake and can cause irreversible damage to your furniture. Many household detergents or solvents you may not know are too harsh because they have strong or toxic chemicals, which will do more harm than good to your upholstery. Also, harmful chemicals can affect your family’s health. Therefore, we recommend you consult an expert couch cleaner for the right procedure and products.

The experts will suggest that the upholstery cleaning products as per the quality, dyes, finishes, and fiber used in a particular material, which will require a certain mix of cleaning solution.

3. Using wrong cleaning techniques:

At times, a very small liquid spill can become a stubborn stain and ground into fibers. This may not necessarily be a result of failure for fabric sofa cleaning in Melbourne, but using the wrong cleaning technique. Therefore, it is important to use the right techniques. Some stains can be thoroughly cleaned if they are treated using a suitable stain removal procedure.

4. Not hiring a professional couch cleaning service:

Most people think that hiring professionals for couch dry cleaning are very expensive, but this is not necessarily the case. When there are pets or kids at home your couch is frequently stained, a professional couch cleaner will thoroughly remove all the little bits of stain remnants, pet fur, dirt, and bad odors to leave your upholstery spotlessly clean.

5. Soaking with water:

Soaking the dirty item with water is one of the most common mistakes one possibly makes in fabric couch cleaning. Do not use an excess of water while cleaning as it will prevent your couch from drying quickly and properly. Even if the surface may seem dry, some water can collect beneath the padding and remain there several days after cleaning. And if the sofa remains damp for a longer time, it will allow moulds to set in with time. So, it is always best to get professional couch dry cleaning services as they remove excess water through machinery leaving it completely dry.  

By Anurag Rathod

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