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How can we add another user to Microsoft 365?

How can we add another user to Microsoft 365?

You might have had issues while adding one or more users to the Microsoft 365 ( Previously known as Office 365 ) , well you do not have to worry as you can add more number of users with ease using simple steps. It is not a tedious process to add another user, you just have to follow a few steps that will help you set up Microsoft 365 for business.

The people in your team who have newly been hired will need a user account so that they can sign in and then access the Microsoft office 365. In order to make it easier you can add the users one by one and then your newly added users will receive their sign-in credentials, office 365 mailboxes and licenses set up right away.

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Adding users to the Microsoft Office 365

As the admin, you will be able to add the users easily using these simple steps

  • In your Microsoft 365 admin center you need to navigate to the “User Management” and then click on the “Add User” 
  • Now you will have to add the new user’s first and last name to get started, you will also notice that the display name has already been set automatically but you can change it if you want
  • As the next step, you will have to enter a new username which will the user’s new email address, if you happen to have more than one domain you will have to select the current domain before you proceed
  • You can select the “Auto-generate password” if you want the password to be created automatically
  • If you want to enable the users to change their password when they first sign in then you can simply select the “Require this user to change their password when they first sign in”
  • If you want all of the account details of the users to be sent in the mail then you can select the “Send password in an email upon completion” and your email name will be added automatically, if you wish to add an alternate email address of your users you can add that and then click next
  • You will now have to select your location from the drop-down list provided and then navigate to the subscription your user should use then select next 
  • You can also make any of your users as your admin by selecting the “Roles” option and then clearing the user(no administrator access) and then select the admin role to one of the users you wish
  • You can either ask your users to fill in the profile info or you can add it yourself by specifying the department, the user’s job, office, etc
  • After clicking next you can then review the user details properly. If you need an additional license for any of your user you will be notified
  • You can now verify whether the user has been created successfully or not by navigating to the Microsoft 365 admin center and then selecting “Users->Active users” the newly created user will be listed 

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