Mascara tricks

Mascara is the most important makeup and beauty product which are used to let your eyes look more popped out by enhancing the appearance of eyelashes. When it applied to eyelashes, they stay erect and straight which makes them look bigger and beautiful. These results in making your eyes look very big and prominent. But if you have such an important product with you, you need to take care of it in a suitable way so that it can be safe from getting dried so easily.

Mascara is a thick coloured liquid which is made from different ingredients and it has high chances of getting dry. But the best way to stop is to keep your mascara in a box. Here are a few amazing things about it that you will know and start using it if you are already aren’t.

Best for easy placement:

Mascara is usually placed in makeup cabins, washrooms or drawer if it is about an individual person who uses it for makeup. Similarly, if it is about a retailer, he places it in different racks to display on the counter. A good packing always ensures that wherever it is placed, it is placed easily and stays in the original state.

Some packing is very good at display but they don’t support the mascara to stand or be placed easily hence causing a lot of trouble. An individual person always likes to use an easy-going packing that makes them free of any worries. Thus, you can easily place your mascara wherever you want and it will not affect even slightly the quality if mascara and make it more comfortable to take it out.


The most amazing quality about this packing is that it is waterproof and can easily protect the mascara against any kind of moisture or exposure to water. Therefore it is also safe to place your mascara in the washroom with other makeup products because its packing won’t let it get spoiled. Sometimes it happens that the exposure to water, fall in temperature or existence if moisture can badly affect the packing and destroy the while mascara.

This can cause you a big loss which can be avoided by picking up a suitable and reasonable packing that is safe for all uses and doesn’t harm the mascara in any way. 

Engaging shapes:

Here you get to know another best thing about mascara packing which makes it very appealing to customers and that is the use of mascara is beautifully designed shapes. These shapes are of different dimensions, structures and designs which can not only adjust the mascara bottles or tubes but also give a very enthralling vibe in general.

You can try these beautiful shapes of packing for your mascara and the outcome will be just lovely.  These shapes will help to increase the overall perception of your customers and will help to change how they think about you. 

More customer feedback:

If you provide a reason packing to your customers and give them a suitable quality packing for the products, then you’re winning the hearts of the customers. It will help them a lot in staying loyal to your products. So if you are a makeup brand or retailer, it is must for you to use these amazing packing so that you can always feel good about it and increase the sale.

Moreover, your customers will also appreciate your choice of packing for designs and styles and they will take it as a great effort from your side. A happy and nicely made packaging always appeals to everyone. Chances are that this will also make your customers write a positive review and feedback of your products and they will happily share it with others. 

Colour Combinations:

Mascara doesn’t have a single colour though it used to come in black colour initially but now it has several shades and colours. Now you can even find it in blue, purple and even golden colours. So a black coloured packing won’t go for all these shades and you need to get a similar coloured packing that can comply with the real shade of mascara and make it give a beautiful look. So using such amazingly coloured boxes is very different thing and now you can easily find such boxes which come in several colours.

They are completely painted with thee beautiful colours and sometimes beautiful designs also accompany them. So using then with several designed patterns and textures is also very beautiful to look at. You can do this for getting a very nice experience with mascara packing.

Discount rates in prices:

It is not necessary that you need to pay high prices for getting good quality packing because sometimes even cheap cost can give you amazing packing. And what if you get the same quality packing with some concessions and discount rates? This is another amazing thing that can make you get the wonderful mascara packing at cheap and quite discounted prices.

You will be quite happy to see that mascara packing isn’t very expensive or unaffordable because it has amazing discounts and sales to offer. You can easily buy them with discounts and avail all the saving of cost that it offers.

Personalized designs:

Although a good packing for mascara is filled with great qualities but the best if them includes an option of getting personalized designs made in them. Now you can avail custom boxes with this option because they do offer you the chance to send your favorite images or designs to the manufacturers and getting them made in the boxes.

In this way, you will get to use a brilliant packaging with wonderful appearance and results and you will personally like it a lot.  And these boxes also are some more wonderful features which you can experience with your own use. So do give them a try and see how they make you happy with their designs and composition.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.