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Are you going to travel to London? How about taking a tour of the city of Manchester, England? The destination, which is very close to the English capital, is one of the most visited countries.

Home to the famous Manchester United and Manchester City, the city enchants its tourists not only for football but also for its rich architectural diversity, buildings in Gothic style, rich culture, and history.

Manchester, England: libraries, stadiums, and university life

It is no wonder that Manchester is one of the most visited cities in the country. Because it was a city that hosted the Industrial Revolution, it brings a rich architectural heritage and fascinating historic buildings.

The city has several museums, libraries, and galleries, a perfect environment for those who appreciate art, culture, and history. Anyone who is a football lover knows that Manchester has stadiums that offer an exciting tour of its facilities. 

Manchester History

Greater Manchester, United Kingdom, originates from the Celtic settlement, designated Mancunian by the Roman people. Because of this, its residents are called Mancunians.

The city was an essential center of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, being a world reference for the sector.

In 1789, for the first time in world history, Manchester received a steam engine designed for the textile industry and was also responsible for creating the first passenger railroad in 1830.

Today, the Trafford Park area remains one of the largest and most important industrial areas globally.

Where is Manchester?

The city of Manchester is located in the north-west of England, about 300 kilometers from London. The destination is usually part of a round-trip itinerary for tourists traveling to London due to its proximity.

The trip to Manchester can be made by train, bus, and local taxi and takes about 3 hours.

What to do in Manchester?

Now that you know everything you need to travel to Europe, it’s time to get to know the sights in Manchester, England. 


Start your tour in the charming and irreverent Chinatown neighborhood. Created 1970, the place is one of the most visited cities because it has numerous Asian establishments.

The region is full of busy streets and very characteristic buildings, showing the Asian architectural style. Be sure to visit Chinese shopkeepers and visit traditional bars and restaurants, serving Japanese, Nepalese, Thai food, and much more.

Alan Turing Memorial

After touring England’s most famous Chinese quarter, head to the Alan Turing memorial to take that classic photo next to the statue in Sackville Park, Greater Manchester.

The monument was built in memory of Alan Turing, considered the father of information technology and modern computing, and is regarded as a gay icon.

Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral is a jewel of architecture. Built-in the Gothic style between the years 1421 and 1882, it is located in the city’s central region and is one of the most visited places.

Grandiose, its massive tower attracts the attention of people who pass through this region of Manchester. Be sure to enter the temple to admire all its decoration, images, and the altar, which is beautiful.

Manchester Art Gallery

Those who appreciate art and culture visit the Manchester Art Gallery, considered the city’s main artistic building. The place hosts the most different exhibitions, which tell the early years of modern art in England.

Open every day. The gallery has more than 25 thousand pieces, such as paintings, sculptures, miniature portraits, prints, and decorative art pieces, such as glass, furniture, ceramics, weapons, and much more.

Trafford Manchester – the most fantastic shopping in Europe

If you have an extra day or a few free hours before your flight (that’s what I did!), This mall is worth visiting!

It is the most beautiful shopping center I have ever seen, and it is just 8km from the center of Manchester. We paid £ 15 taxi from downtown to the mall and £ 22 from the mall to the airport.

Both the architecture and the decoration of the place are impressive. Large marble staircases, fountains, glass-roofed, air-conditioned, large stores, thematic wings and corridors, and a food area mimics a ship. The impression is to have teleported to Dubai.

University of Manchester

One of the most elite educational institutions at the University of Manchester. It has already produced 25 Nobel Prize winners, four of whom are faculty professors. 

Be sure to take a tour of the university premises to discover its classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and much more. 


Castlefield is undoubtedly one of the most charming areas in the city of Manchester. In the past, this region was a Roman fort of Mamacium, being considered a UK Heritage Site.

The area is crossed by the Irwell River, Chester Road, Quay Street, and Deansgate. The region is full of exciting galleries and old buildings, open for visitation almost every day. 


Those who love that smell of books know that the city has several libraries, which are part of tourist routes. 

Manchester also houses the Chetham’s Library, founded in 1653, considered one of the world’s oldest, built on a structure that dates back to the medieval period.

Also, visit the John Rylands Library, which, in addition to many books and documents, is famous for its interior elegance and beauty. The building that houses the library is considered the most refined in the city.


Museums also exist as far as the eye can see in the city, from more traditional places, such as the Manchester Museum with significant works of art to spaces dedicated to science, such as the Museum of Science and Industry.

Among the sights in Manchester, England, be sure to take a tour of museums, such as the People’s History Museum and the Imperial War Museum North, which offer different exhibition concepts.

Manchester, England hotels

If you have time and want to travel around the city very calmly, it is essential to remember that it has an excellent hotel infrastructure.

In Manchester, England, there are accommodation options for all tastes and budgets, from the most exquisite hotels to very affordable hostels.

Manchester, England is a fantastic city and enchants its tourists in different aspects. 

To enjoy everything that the destination offers, start researching your travel insurance now since the service is a mandatory item to enter the country.

By Anurag Rathod

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