Know the Services of Private Investigators

A private investigator is an expert who can identify the right evidence to help you in your case. Their services vary based on the needs of the clients. Generally, some investigators specialize in a specific area or few, whereas the others provide a range of services. Private investigation agencies hire a private investigator with a diverse background to ensure they can offer a wide range of services. Thus, before you hire a private investigator, it will be essential to enquire about the services you can expect from them.

1. Adultery and infidelity investigation

The private investigators maintain a high level of discretion while dealing with such complex investigations. They ensure a proper document report and pictures that offer you a solid ground to file for divorce.

2. Premarital inquiry

A private investigation service provider can help you verify the character of a business, divorce, marital status, past relationship, etc., of someone you are considering to marry.

3. Divorce related investigation

If you are in a complicated divorce or child custody matter, hiring a private investigator can be highly beneficial. The professional will help you get adequate information about your spouse to ensure you win the legal battle.

4. Surveillance

The service is to gather adequate information about a person and his daily activities. The investigator maintains confidentiality and discretion in the details of the surveillance report.

5. Missing person

Most people hire a private investigator to find a missing person close to the heart or owe a huge debt. As the investigator’s work is not restricted to a specific place, they can help you get the results faster than police cases.

6. Loss and theft investigation

If you doubt anyone of theft, it will be better to connect with a good private investigation service provider. They will help resolve a crime and offer a detailed report to your insurance provider.

7. Internet cyberbullying

Given the amount of time people spend on social media, there is a great chance of social media bullying. It has resulted in a number of defamation and harassment cases. When you hire a private investigator, they will identify the person and help stop the bullying.

8. Background checks

Whether you are hiring a tenant or want someone as your partner, having their background checked can be extremely beneficial. A private investigator can perform the research and offer you all the essential information about their past.

9. Parent’s identification

If you were adopted at an early age, you must be curious to find birth parents. If this is the case, then hiring a private investigator can help locate your parents.

10. Drug abuse identification

When you suspect your loved one or someone in your company of drug abuse, then hiring a private investigator will help investigate the case and bring an end to this.

11. Murder investigation

In case of a murder, hiring a private investigator will ensure the case gets resolved soon. As the case is time-sensitive, it will be essential that you contact a professional before the physical or forensic report is lost.

12. Inheritance investigation

When you hire a private investigator, they can provide a detailed investigation. With their service, you can identify the things or properties that are legally yours.

13. Extortion investigation

Do you think that someone might extort you? If yes, then hiring a private investigator will help. The experienced investigators will track the threats and put an end to them.

14. Blackmail investigation

When receiving threats or blackmails for a certain amount of time, it becomes essential to take the necessary steps. The increased online visibility has made everyone vulnerable. The information you share with people can be used to harm you. The blackmailer will try to get some money against a picture or a video which can cause great harm to your image.

In such cases, when you take services from a private investigator, they will help identify the person who has been blackmailing you. Also, it will guarantee that the evidence the blackmailer is using is destroyed before it reaches anyone else.


A private investigator offers a wide range of services. The services in the list are the most basic you can expect from a private investigator. However, while you consider contacting a professional, make sure to enquire about the services as some of the firms specialize in a specific area while the others offer a variety of services. This will guarantee you do not waste your time or energy dealing with a firm that does not offer you the required service.

By Anurag Rathod

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