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Supply chain management refers to the flow of services and goods and consists of different processes that transform raw materials into final products. Today, it has become mandatory for global supply chains to follow a data-driven approach, and hence they are more complex.

What Is Green Supply Chain Management?

Green Supply Chain Management is a process of including environmental issues or using environmental practices in supply chain management.

When a company adopts green supply chain management, it must address social, economic, legal, and environmental issues across its supply chain.

Keys To Effective Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management links multiple processes, such as Information sharing & Integration, Product Development, Procurement & Manufacturing, Logistics, Customer Service, and Performance Measuring.

Each process is a subset of supply chain management. Therefore, keys used to make supply chain management effective, in turn, work as solutions for logistics and all other processes.

Two pharmacy chains may sell the same products and have the same marketing strategies. However, one may always perform better than the other due to a well-organized and well-managed supply chain. Below are a few key points that may help to improve your brand’s supply chain.

1. Transparency

Transparency is an essential element in supply chain management. It helps a company in determining and satisfying requirements and managing costs. Moreover, it helps build trust and strong relationships among supply chain partners.

Therefore, transparency between a pharmacy brand and its suppliers may help them drive productivity across the entire supply chain.

2. Risk Management

An effective supply chain management strategy is not limited to receiving products or services at reasonable and affordable prices.

It also involves detailed planning for future incidents and reducing your brand’s vulnerabilities for unexpected situations.

In other words, if the supply chain disrupts or product recalls, it would be better if you have a contingency plan to manage all risks.  

3. Communication

With constant communication between different processes, supply chain management can be more efficient, faster, and fruitful than ever before.

When a product’s or a service’s standards, priorities, and best practices are appropriately shared, a company may significantly profit.

4. Using Technology

Managing your brand’s contract compliance, logistics, distribution services, and formula pricing is quite a daunting task. But technology has made this task more manageable.

Moreover, you can make wise business decisions with a platform like Trademo that offers knowledge insights from the cluster of data.

Such a platform provides customized reports and dashboards, enabling you to manage unit operations and the cost of goods sold. It helps get rid of logistics issues before they occur.

5. Managing Relationships

It is not possible to achieve a high level of transparency in one go. It requires a lot of time for supply chain management and true sourcing to evolve.

When the relationship between two parties deepens, and they understand each other’s value, mutual transparency increases.

6. Hire Specialists

As mentioned above, supply chain management involves different processes. You can hire experienced talents in various areas of supply chain management, starting from information sharing to performance measuring.

Towards A Greener Future

Now you know what is green supply chain managementand how it is helpful for the environment and a company’s profitability.

A study has stated that supply chain management of a common consumer company accounts for more than 80% of greenhouse gases. It affects not only the environment but also a company’s profitability. Therefore, adopting green supply chain management is equivalent to taking one step towards a greener future.

Having a data-driven and effective supply chain management (SCM) offers several benefits like better collaboration, improved quality control, higher efficiency rate, etc.

All the above keys are helpful for effective SCM and work as the best solutions for logistics.

By Anurag Rathod

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