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 Purchasing water purified is a crucial task that needs to be minded by every family. Why? Because the urbanization and increasing amount of heavy industrialization have created a phase in which many people suffer from not getting enough potable water.

 The industrial wastes get sent down to a large section of water bodies, making it tougher for the municipality to get rid of intoxicated elements that ruin the water quality. Though the municipality uses procedures like sedimentation, filtration to purify the water, some microbes remain in the water, which needs to be eliminated with heavy technological assistance.

The inclusion of advanced methods like UV filtration, RO filtration, and other procedures takes care of these procedures by eliminating those remaining microbes, microorganisms, and toxic elements. That is why one needs to purchase a water purifier.

 However, while purchasing the water purifier, one has to ask a few questions to maintain the machinery’s functionality. In this article, we will share with you the quarries you should make before obtaining the water purifier.

Why call kent customer care?

The importance of calling the Kent RO customer care lies in the maintenance of the product. Why maintenance, you must be thinking? Well, when heavily polluted waters get purified using a piece of machinery continuously, it creates pressure on the parts of the purifier.

 The filtration of the purifier is the crucial element that purifies the water; now, if the filtration wears out due to a heavy TDS level or a disbalance of pH, the filtration system may need replacement sooner than later.

 At this time, you may need to call the service centre to book an appointment for the maintenance service.

What are the questions you need to ask for services?

 This section will discuss the major questions you need to ask after you purchase the water purifier.

● What is the way to register a service request?

The method to register service requests may vary differently depending on the brand of water purifier you have bought. But the most basic method is by calling them or by email.

  1. App: most of the time, many companies have their application through which procedures to register a required has been made easy. All you must do in this case is download the application and register a request using it.
  2. Customer care: By contacting the Kent RO customer care, you will be able to get the required help that is needed to register the request for service. However, make sure that you have gotten the timing and call them between that time range.
  3. Email: Emailing the company to arrange maintenance of water purifiers will be equally adequate. However, make sure that you have gathered their official address.

 You can use the warranty card to gather all the contact information that is needed to contact them.

● What is the right way to check the warranty services?

 It is one of the most important pieces of information that has to be acquired before you go on to book your services. You have to know either the warranty will cover your services or not. If not, how much will the purifier’s parts that need to be replaced will cost.

 Most of the time, the warranty only covers the inner parts’ charges and the people’s cost. If the water purifier has stopped working due to complications inflicted by a person, then the warranty may not cover it.

 The first thing you need to ask is what the warranty covers parts of the water purifier. And then you have to inquire about the warranty period. Generally, the warranty period offered by Kent goes over for one year of date since installation.

 With that, the company provides three years of additional services for water purifiers. At this warranty period, the authorized service provider will replace or repair any parts that fall under the coverage contract.

● What should I know about the Annual Maintenance Contract?

One should always conduct annual maintenance. An annual maintenance contract should be made upon which every method of servicing should be included to keep it up. It is important to conserve the working condition of the water purifier.

 Kent provides AMC services on its products so that the procedure can be done without any problems. However, the AMC should be renewed before it hits the date of expiry.


The rate of the AMC depends on the price of machinery that is bought. As many parts have different kinds of electrical parts, the repair cost and replacement fee may vary.  Not only that, but the parts have different longevity, which not only gives rise to arranging a maintenance service significantly but ensures the importance of the functionality of the product greatly.

By Anurag Rathod

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