healthy beard

It is a fact that different climates will affect the beards in different ways, and sometimes it can affect them quite severely. The winter season can be very hard on your face as well as your facial. The super-cold temperatures mixed with dry air can make your beard look dry and hard. You will have to be more proactive in keeping your healthy beard conditioned as well as protective. This is the time when you need to make your visit to a professional barber shop a little frequent and buy some healthy beard products. However, here are some tips that you can follow to keep your beard healthy.

healthy beard

You should use less shampoo

Well, you will have to keep the beard clean during this time, but you should try to limit the use of shampoo. You can go about just twice a week. When you use shampoo very frequently, it can strip away all the moisture from your beard that keeps it in bet shape during the wintertime. So, just use water and rinse your face and bread to clean the buildup. Besides, you should use the best quality beard shampoos that you can get from a professional barber shop.

Stay away from hot water

You will not find as much as a comfortable thing like a hot shower to keep yourself warm during winter. But as per the expert, hot water should be in your winter beard care regimen, which can damage it. Hot water can strip the natural oil from the skin and develop brittle hair. When possible, you should go for a cool shower, and you can keep your beard perfectly moisturized.

Use the best quality products

This is the time when you should invest only in the best beard care products. For this, you can trust a reputed barber shopin your area. It will be better for you to buy products that have a natural element.  Even though they will cost a little more, you can keep your beard healthy for years using such products.

Regularly comb your beard

Regular brushing will help you in maintaining your healthy beard, and you can keep it in good form. Combing and brushing help distribute the beard oil perfectly all your beard area, protecting the area from winter dryness. On the other hand, this helps healthy beard growth and also propel circulation.

It’s time to keep your beard moisturized

Moisturizing the beards is the key to the winter beard care regimen. So, here are some essential products that you should use:

  • Beard oil

Get quality beard oil from a well-known barber shop and apply a few drops on your bear after taking your shower. You can apply at night or during the day based on your convenient.

  • Beard balm

You should use this after applying the beard oil.

  • Conditioner

Don’t think that you should use conditioners only when you are shampooing your beard. You can use this any day you want. During winter, for best result, use your conditioner around 3 to 4 times per week.

By Anurag Rathod

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