Javascript jobs are also widely available

Before discussing the comparison between JavaScript and PHP, let me break the myth that JavaScript is not only for the front end, and PHP is not only for the back end. Today JavaScript can develop entire application software from both ends, including the server and the user. Javascript jobs are also widely available , providing an opportunity for growth. But, the main difference is between the ability or effectiveness of both languages to create useful software. Let me make it easy for you to decide which language among the two would be more helpful for you.

What do JavaScript and PHP have to offer?

Brendan Eich first introduced JavaScript in 1995. One of the major features of JavaScript is that it is a dynamic programming language and is very high-leveled, is based on multiple patterns, can be easily interpreted and compiled in time. The language mainly consists of using curly brackets and syntax for functioning. JavaScript is a popular programming language used along with CoffeeScript and Microsoft’s TypeScript by around 12.4 million developers around the world. Over 97% of the websites use JavaScript as a programming language.

PHP is also known as the Hypertext processor, which is used as a dynamic language to develop effective and interactive websites. It was among the first programming languages which were able to be embedded within the HTML, making it easier to add different types of functionality to a website. This functionality enables access to different functions within a website without using any external source or documents. Nearly 80% of the websites today use the PHP language. Some of the famous websites include WordPress and Meta. However, from ranking 5th in 2017 to 8th in 2020, the popularity of PHP has decreased.

Which language performs faster and better?

JavaScript uses a non-Blocking I/O execution model, ensuring event loop and node clustering. Node.js does not depend on the execution of other functions while running through the entire code. This independence of other functions makes it the best solution for low latency applications, including the ones which are streamed online. Compared with C++, JavaScript is quite slower, but the V8 engine used by Chrome works faster and is better than the old versions.

Unlike JavaScript, PHP is dependent on other functions to proceed with its functions. This language uses a multi-threaded Blocking I/O execution model. Under this model, the functioning is usually slow, as it blocks all the other operations or functions unless the current function finishes. Due to this reason, the operations are synchronized and are dependent upon each other.

Extensibility of the language

When discussing extensibility, JavaScript can be embedded with HTML, Ajax, and XML. However, PHP can only be embedded with HTML. Moreover, new frameworks of JavaScript keep on emerging, and it isn’t easy to keep track of all of them together. Vue, Angular, and React are the most famous and widely used JS technology. Node.js. It comes with a package manager called NMP, which is already installed.

Moreover, NMP is the largest software registry globally and has widely helped users easily access it. On the other hand, the availability of CMSs like WordPress and Drupal has proven to be one of the most useful advantages for users. With CMSs, one develops websites at a very low cost. Another important feature of PHP in terms of extensibility is that it can be extended with technologies based on the LAMP stack. PHP has a library of open source PHP code called PEAR extension and Application Repository. It also has a management tool for dependency called Composer.


Even though both the languages can be used for a web development project and mobile-based application. However, there are certain laybacks of PHP in comparison with JavaScript. The myth regarding JavaScript being a front has to be broken as one can create a whole website and application using JavaScript, as it works both front and back end. This is not possible in PHP as it only works on the back end. Being just a back-end language, switching between different system syntaxes like HTML and CSS becomes very inconvenient. The efficiency while using it for different projects is reduced, making the process complex. JavaScript does not require switching between syntaxes and can single-handedly support different features.

Learning curve

Though there are different setbacks, and so far, JavaScript has Outnumbered the advantages over PHP, there are certain advantages associated with PHP too. Being simple and less complex, PHP is an easy language to learn compared to JavaScript for beginners. If one is stepping into this field for the first time, PHP is more easily understood and learned than JavaScript. Before using JavaScript, one must have proper knowledge and understanding based on the js. Node. However, getting familiar with JavaScript will render a positive outcome when committing to big projects and web development.


When talking about the syntax of both languages, this is the part where both of the languages seem similar. In this context, both languages can use different brackets and look similar. The arrays in both languages start with a ‘0,’ and both can customize variables according to the need. The difference under this feature is that PHP uses the ‘$’ symbol to represent variables, whereas JavaScript does not use any symbols or signs.

 There is no doubt that JavaScript happens to be a lot better than PHP. Due to its extensibility, universality, and convenience, most users worldwide prefer using JavaScript compared to PHP. Thus, in the comparison game, PHP has lost over JavaScript, except that PHP is very convenient for beginners.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.