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People are generally shy about talking to ISP license consultant. Can he even help me? How much money will he ask for? Will he even provide me the services as promised? These are the questions that plague those who want to take their first step towards an ISP company, but don’t.

Well, we are here to tell you that there is nothing to be afraid about. When it comes to ISP license requirements, they are many. You can’t expect yourself to fulfil them on time and without diverting your attention from your money-making business to dealing with boring legal stuff. However, a consultant revels in providing these services.

They take your legal requirements to heart and provide with all the services you need to start an ISP in India. Their knowledge about ISP license agreement formatis so deep that they can foresee the requirements that Department of Telecommunication might ask from you depending upon the type of ISP you want to start. Additionally, they complete every task required for ISP license online registration on their own.

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But just a few words won’t tell you the whole story. So, here it is: here is why an ISP license consultant is the one who can help you start your ISP company.

ISP License consultant can help you incorporate a company

The very first point that you notice when you see the application for ISP license is the need of a company. You can’t file the application as an individual as the DOT only accepts it from an organization. Thus, if you’re someone who was unprepared with a company at the time of filing, an ISP license consultant can help.

How? Well, these consultants are not simple service providers. They are a team comprised of Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries. These two entities are instrumental in starting a company. They can take your requirement and within a week they can build you a registered company.

ISP license consultant can help you finance the requirements

Your answer to how to get ISP license in India hinges on whether or not you’re financially capable of handling the business. Apart from the application processing fee, the DOT also requires you to deposit the following:

  • Entry fee
  • Performance Bank Guarantee
  • Financial Bank Guarantee

To put it bluntly, the deposits mentioned above are…steep. If you’re a starting entrepreneur, you might have a hard time coming up with them. However, with an ISP license consultant help, you can register your company as a startup and get access to government funding.

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ISP License consultant will file the application on your behalf

If you think filing a job application is difficult, wait till you encounter the crazy details you’re required to fill in an ISP license agreement application. The details are so nuanced that you must know each and every aspect of your ISP to fill them. Even if you know, you have to word them properly. An ISP license consultant can file the application on your behalf.

Documentation, Department Follow-up and compliance help by ISP license consultant

An ISP license consultant provides multi-layered assistance for ISP licensing services. Filing the application is not enough. Thus, he also provides you documentation services. He also follow-up with the department in case they need something else from you. And, he also provides you with post-registration assistance.


How to get Internet Service Provider License in India?Simple answer is with the help of an ISP license consultant. If you truly want your license and truly want to start your internet service business, you need all the help you can get. We can help you. Our consultants are standing by for the same. Just reach out and we will be there.

ISP License consultant is a service provider that help you obtain the ISP license and setup and Internet service centre. Why do you need him? You’ll know upon reading this blog.

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