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The Moby Mart is a fantastic futuristic retail mart. This is a part of the Wheels group. It is essentially a solar-powered mobile retail mart for grocery. It self-drives all over the city and uses Artificial Intelligence-based holograms to help the customers who come in. Is it better than a Grofers clone app? We are yet to see that.

Although it is in the beta testing phase, this is a very unique concept that can surely change the way people have been thinking about technology and grocery shopping. It requires no human to drive it around. This is why it is a fantastic and futuristic concept that will be extremely useful for the people.

Opinions from a Grocery Delivery App Development Company

A lot of research was conducted in trying to understand which format was more user-friendly for the people. Was it a mobile mart or an online grocery app. Although many people are very staunch believers in physically examining a product before picking it up, many Grocery app development companies swear by the enhanced shopping experience that an app can give you.

There is a huge advantage in physical shopping. When you hit the shelf of the market you can see things that are kept next to the item that you intend to purchase. So, in case you forgot about something, the moment you see it you realize that you need it too. So, say you went in to buy oranges you head straight to the orange aisle, but then you see the potatoes next to it and remember that you ran out of potatoes as well. You can now happily buy both the items and return home a satisfied customer.

Grofers Clone Point of View

However, from Grofers clone point of view, you pretty much get to do the same thing, but in a more controlled and a better environment. When a person uses an app to buy an item, they can hit straight to their requirement without the distraction of all the other things that come around.

So, if you want to buy Oranges, you can simply search for “oranges” in the search field and you will be displayed everything orange like on the site. Now, just like walking into the store, the app will use Artificial Intelligence to randomly display the ingredients of a recipe you checked out or other items from the grocery section in and around your main selection.

When you see the suggested Potatoes, you will end up picking that up too. However, in the eventuality that you don’t see potatoes at all and completely forget about buying it, you can always pull out your smartphones and just place an order instantly!

What is the concept?

Don’t go to the shop, because the shop will come to you!

This is what the basis of this store. This app doesn’t force people to leave the comfort of their homes. Instead, it basically helps people to get whatever they need “physically” present in front of them.  This is often a subject of argument. Is it better to have an app based shopping experience? Or is it better to go out and purchase products? A majority of the people believe that physically seeing a product while purchasing is a much better and enhanced shopping experience.

grocery delivery script will allow the users to view the product on the screen and get straight to what they are looking for, but walking into a grocery store exposes them to many other kinds of products that they would otherwise forget. Visual stimulus is always a more potential invitation for shopping than any other.

Should you spend on Grofers clone app

First, decide the output that you want from the app. Then decide on whether you would like to spend on it or not. The fundamental thing to know is that everything boils down to the budget. Building a system like Moby Mart is one hell of an investment.

People need to conduct many tests. There are researches to be done and then finally funding to be gained. For a model that hasn’t been tested, this is quite big a gamble. However, when you go for an app, you can be sure that this particular model has been tested. People know of an online food delivery system and are quite comfortable with it. So, any grocery app development company can hold your hand and guide you to success with a Grofers clone app.

By Anurag Rathod

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