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The predominant and most common way to access the login page is either you can do it with the Web URL or you can use the IP address. For that, you need the IP address of your wireless router that comes along the box of the router with its manual. Where you can find the IP address. But in some cases, the router does not come with the IP address and other important details. So in that case you can use the most common IP address that can be used with every wireless router or extender.

The most common IP address is that can be used with every wireless router to access the login page as an admin. This is the common IP address because multiple users share the internet connection at the same time so they need the IP address to access the login page.

Access or log in with the most common IP Address

It is easy to log in or access the login page as an admin with the common IP address. You should know about your default username and wifi password and then you can start accessing the admin page with the help of the IP address. Simply type the in the address bar of the web browser and then press the enter button. This will redirect you to the login page of the router panel and where you can enter your details and enter as an admin.

Find out the IP address of your router

You should know the IP address of your wireless router because if you know about the IP address then you can easily access the login page. Also, you can manage the settings of the router, along with the network security you can customize the default password and username. So basically tap on the start menu of the computer and then type the command prompt in the search bar and then open it. After that, you will be able to see the local area connection in which you can find the gateway of the default IP address.

Setup Connection with default IP address

The default IP address of your router is as it is the most common IP address, it will help you to run the configuration demand of the router. The initial step ensures that your PC or laptop should have an adequate internet connection and is strongly connected to the router’s wifi connection. 

After that, you have to launch a web browser of your choice in your connected device and then enter the or any other IP address in the address bar and hit the enter button. This will directly prompt you to the login page of the router. Remember that if you are using this IP address for the first time then your default username and password will be admin and now you can log in.

Configuration with default IP address

After successfully login to the page as an admin of the router, Now you can configure all the settings and customize it according to you. You can change the settings like your default username and password. Change it and set another one. Make sure that the password should be strong and unique. Also, you can change the IP address of your router and set another one that is simple and easy to type to remember for you. Moreover, you can set parental controls to limit the use of the sites. Along with that, you can deny or provide access to any guest to access your and access login page.

Reasons that prove why this IP address is most commonly used

The default IP address is most commonly used with the TP-Link routers. This address will redirect you to the login page of any wireless router or extender. To access the login page. It requires three major things that are your default username, password, and IP address. This IP address is the private internet connection that is ideally used for the home networks. Also, it is applicable to many other wireless routers. As it is universally accepted that’s why this is a very common IP address.

The IP address is most commonly used by the private class networks and configured with this IP address. Moreover, it can be used with any mobile device, computer, laptop, tablet, or any smart gadget. It provides an effective range of internet connections and you receive a strong wifi connection. Also, it supports wireless repeaters, access points, bridge modes, and any other device which are wireless. It also protects the network security with WPA/WPA2 network security encryption and provides secure internet access from internet threats. 

Points you should know while configuring with the default IP address

There are some major points that you should remember while you are configuring the settings of the router with the IP address. If you don’t want any technical error while configuring the router. Ensure that the LED lights of the router should be blinking. If you are setting up with the help of the wires then always use high-quality cables. Also, the power source you are using for the router is for the configuration of the router only. If you are using the IP address it should not be in the search history or the URL. Whenever you enter your credential details they should be correct or relevant.

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