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The population is increasing on a massive scale throughout the world. The world population has already crossed 7.87 billion in 2022, and the increasing population is buying and demanding more cars for personal use. Although owning a car provides numerous benefits to people, it also brings parking problems. Why? Because, parking owners are following traditional methods of parking systems despite being in the digital world. But, digital solutions like implementing IoT in parking systems will make the system smart. Here is why parking owners must integrate IoT technologies to make the overall system efficient and effective. Let us start by understanding the parking problems in the world.

Parking problems stats and facts

The ownership of cars is surpassing the available parking spaces. And, with the cars parked at no parking zone, municipal corporations and the general public face multiple problems. Let us check out the stats related to the same:

  • The World Bank denoted that city residency has increased to 4 billion people. By 2030, 30% of the population will urbanize, bringing challenges to parking infrastructure and transportation systems (Source).
  • Parking spaces are limited, and people spend more time and money finding parking spots for their cars. The wasted time could be used in some productive work. USA Today noted that while finding the parking spot, the economy loses $345 per driver wasting their time and fuel for the car. The wasted time is calculated at 17 hours a year (Source).
  • Companies are developing Electric cars in an affordable price range, decreasing pollution. But, the problem of parking spaces will increase with the addition of electric vehicles.

Traditional parking system has a number of problems. Check out what problems are faced by parking owners.

Problems for Parking owners with traditional parking system

In the manual parking system, the cars are highly dependent upon the guards who will guide them to the empty spaces at parking. The owners or guards will manually enter the cars after taking the payment, handling the bill, and talking about the availability status of the parking space.

Further, parking owners face the issue of properly recording the vehicle details. Manual recording causes room for errors while recording when the traffic is high, and there are so many cars to manage. The cost of hiring guards further increases the overall cost of operation. Customers have to wait for long times, causing inefficiency for them and management.

Integrating the IoT-based parking management

IoT has a huge potential in building the solution for the parking management system. Here are IoT’s features for parking owners in the parking management system.

A digital interface showing parking spaces:

With the sensors, parking spaces can record the data and form valuable insights in determining the free and occupied parking spaces.

Monitoring the situation in real-time from smartphones:

Customers and parking owners highly use smartphones. IoT devices can integrate and provide data to customers’ smartphones, providing information about free spaces. It will let them monitor the parking spaces in real-time. The same will assist the parking owners in determining the situation of parking spaces and getting more customers to park their cars.

Generating day reports with big data:

IoT collects the data from vehicle details to parking situations throughout the day. Parking owners can view the generated reports determining the parking records for the full day.

User-friendly interface:

A user-friendly interface can reach a broader audience even if the drivers are not tech-savvy. Further, drivers with impaired issues can also use the apps either in audio or graphical format.

Integrating the IoT packs numerous features for the parking owners as well as customers. Now that we have learnt about IoT based parking systems, it is time to understand the reasons why parking owners must implement the IoT parking systems.

Reasons why parking owners must use IoT in their parking systems

By 2035, there will be 2 billion cars on the roads, which is definitely much higher than the available parking spaces. Smart parking systems pack numerous benefits to the parking owners.

Better monitoring of parking spaces

Parking owners own huge parking spaces at multiple locations. It is not possible for them to be present at all the locations. And, hand-made reports are prone to errors. But, once they use IoT-based parking systems, they enjoy the benefit of real-time monitoring of parking spaces from multiple locations. With the attached sensors, they can view the situation of parking on their smartphones or PC devices and analyse if the system is working smoothly or not. They can also analyse if there is any kind of traffic jam or not. IoT devices with artificial intelligence can also predict the possible traffic jams at different time slots.

Sending notifications to the customers

Parking owners can let customers book the parking slots in advance. And, parking owners can send notifications to the customers whenever the slot is empty for the booked customers. Further, if a driver parks his car in the wrong space, the sensors can analyse it and send notifications straight to customers’ devices to change their parking locations.

Optimized space and saved time

Parking owners can optimize their parking spaces to the best use with IoT-based integration. Instead of WASTING the time to check the parking spaces manually and planning the optimum use of parking spaces, IoT will offer them an automated process for the same.

Automatic billing

No need to spend time cutting bills in the IoT-based systems. Parking owners will benefit from automatic billing, where IoT-based sensors will generate the bill, record the information and send the reports to customers and parking owners.

Wrapping up

The traditional parking system brings several challenges to parking owners. IoT can transform the parking system benefiting customers and parking owners at the same time. If you are a parking owner and want to build a revolutionary system through the power of Digitization. In this case, it is the best time to consult an IoT app development company and integrate digital solutions.

By Anurag Rathod

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