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The term “digital marketing” is quite broad and covers several aspects like social media marketing, SEO, PPC campaigns, etc. If you are running a business, it might be quite a task to decide which options you want to go for as a part of your online marketing strategy. 

This decision-making is crucial, and understanding your customer’s conversion journey will help you. We have explained the “buyer’s journey” and other successful strategies that your brand can leverage to reach its target audiences. We are a USA Digital marketing company that helps brands grow their digital presence and generate online sales.

What is a customer journey in e-commerce?

Let’s say a week ago a person gets to know about your brand through an Instagram ad. After a few days, the person visited your brand website and purchased a product. The entire journey of the person from a week ago to the day he purchased the item is known as the “eCommerce customer journey”. Google Analytics defines this path as a “conversion path.” But the journey is more complicated than it seems. Especially if it is a high-priced product and calls for a longer decision process.

For instance, a person might buy a phone cover the moment they see it in an ad if they like it enough, but before the person buys a phone, the person will usually do a lot of research before they make a purchase decision. So every buyer’s journey is unique, and there is no standard. It varies depending on the product or individual. As a brand, you need to evaluate the conversion paths of your present customers and how the journey might look in the future.

Why should you know your customer’s buying process?

If you run an online business, learn about your customer’s conversion path to maximize your sales. According to a study by Oracle, there are approximately six touch points in a customer’s purchase journey before the actual purchase. How do you ensure that your brand’s digital marketing strategy generates a huge ROI? Provide your target customer with crucial information at every significant touchpoint. Does your brand’s marketing strategy only include organic search? You cannot even imagine the tremendous amount of sales your brand is missing out on.

How do I create a client journey map for my business?

Now that you know how significant evaluating your customer’s conversion path is to your business, how do you find the information you require to create the map for the path?

Go to the “conversions” section in Google, click on “multi-channel funnels,” and then click on “top conversion paths.” You will find a list of the top ten conversion channels that convert your customers. This data is significant for two purposes. Firstly, you can analyze how effective your current marketing platforms are. Secondly you will get insights into the other possible buyer journeys that your recent statistics don’t reveal.

Survey and study what are the conversion paths your usual customers go through before making a purchase. You can create a visual that reflects the findings of your study that can serve as your “customer journey map.”

Integrated e-commerce marketing

Once you have the complete picture of your customer’s conversion path, it will be easier for you to create an integrated digital marketing plan for your brand that provides the right people with all the relevant information they need at the right time to maximize the chances of conversion.

We have created a list of the most successful sponsored channels that you can include in your marketing strategy to get the best results.

1. Text adverts on Google

Suppose you are a brand that sells cupcakes. Can you imagine how many more sales you will generate if your brand website appears on top of the search results every time someone searches for “cupcakes” on Google? Google adverts will help your brand website appear at the top of page one. It is an excellent strategy to increase brand visibility and beat  competitors.

2. Shopping advertisements on Google

This paid marketing strategy is even more effective than the previous one in generating sales. This campaign will display the pictures of your products at the top of the search engine every time someone searches for a related term. The advertisement is placed even above text adverts on Google. Your potential customers can easily explore your brand offerings, and the conversion rate is pretty high if your products are low-priced or unique.

3. Display advertising on Google

In this campaign, a promotional banner is displayed across multiple platforms like YouTube, Google display networks, Gmail, etc. Be strategic about the spots to display your banner to generate high ROI.

For instance, you are a brand that sells home electronic accessories. So placing a banner ad on homeware or interior design websites that your target customers often visit can maximize conversions and improve brand recognition. You can even advertise on your competitor’s website.

4. Dynamic display remarketing campaigns

Suppose a person visits your brand website and puts a product in the cart but does not check out. There is a high probability that they want to buy it but either got distracted, or decided otherwise at the last moment. This campaign will re-target that person with an ad for that product which will either serve as a reminder or act as a powerful persuasion tool. Either way, this campaign maximizes the chances of conversion. 

5. Paid Facebook and Instagram ads 

Running sponsored ads on these social media platforms is a great strategy to reach out to a new group audience. At an affordable pricing your brand will increase its target audience base, boost website traffic, and establish a successful brand presence. If someone visits your website and does not buy, you can run sponsored ads to remarket your products with a more powerful CTA or better incentive. It can be a very effective sales generation strategy.

ConclusionAll the methods we have listed above can help you grow your online sales revenue by ten times. You cannot imagine the crazy amount of sales you can generate if you integrate organic search, sponsored search, and paid social channels in a manner that displays the correct pictures, and communicates the correct information and marketing message to your target audience on the right platforms at the exact timings. We are the best digital marketing company in USA and you can reach out to us to create a digital marketing plan for your business.

By Anurag Rathod

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