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If you have been planning to start your own On Demand grocery Delivery App like instacart, then it is very important that you choose your app very carefully. While there are hundreds of cloned apps available in the market. How do you choose which one is the best instacart clone script that is most suitable for your business?

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. In this post, we will enumerate a list of things that you should be careful about when you purchase an application. So, here goes:

Understanding your business needs

While it seems like the most obvious thing to start with, it is often impossible for people to get a clean idea of exactly what they want with their business. Most entrepreneurs lay out elaborate plans about how they want to earn money and grow into a large company. However, they almost never put their operational direction on paper. 

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Plans are hollow unless they have been strategically laid to see all the pitfalls that may arise over time. So, the first thing to do is a quick SWAT analysis. Then devise a way to ensure that your delivery business is based on your strengths and how you can get over your weaknesses. 

Choosing the Instacart Script Clone

There are hundreds of instacart clones available on the internet. Especially with the corona virus pandemic closing the world up, more and more people are relying on ‘on demand’ delivery services. This is why; multiple entrepreneurs are buying the instacart Clone. Therefore, many new development companies are building their own versions of the instacart script clone. 

However, you must understand that the only way that you may succeed is by getting a foolproof application. Since the possibility of delivery will be entirely based out of the app, it is of critical significance to your business that you ensure that your app is loaded with all the current trending features in the market. 

What’s more, it is important that the app is tested on hundreds of people so that they can provide their feedback on it to fix any bugs that may be there in the running version of the application. 

Will you get a project manager?

Often, the devil lies in the details. Sometimes entrepreneurs opt for cheaper alternatives of well build instacart clones only to realize that the service of purchasing the app is horrible! You must always look for an app built by a company that offers you a project manager. 

A project manager becomes your single point of contact throughout the process of purchase and development. Communication is the key when it comes to building the right kind of application. Hence, ensuring that you have a clear and transparent communication system with the people who will be responsible for delivering your app should take precedence.

White Labeled Apps

Getting a cloned app can be tricky. When an external agency is building your app for you and you make it evidently clear that it is they who have developed it for you, and then it becomes absolutely easy for your competitors to get their hands on the cloned app as well. 

To this effect, it becomes incredibly important that you get your instacart Clone white labeled. White Labeling makes certain that the app only bears your logo and brand name on it. The company that builds it for you must remove all evidence of their brand name and logos.

Industry Relevant Features

The market is evolving every day. There are new things that are being introduced as we speak. However, the original instacart clone has been around for far too long. If you opt for any of the apps that have been built long ago, then you might not find any success in creating a successful business for yourself. 

Instead, do a little digging and research about what are the latest features that are important in the current time. For example, when the corona virus has truly turned into a global epidemic, it is important to have a feature like contactless delivery to make sure that people don’t have to be in contact with the delivery driver. 

Another important feature is the Safety Badge. This badge will allow your customers to be reassured about the safety and hygiene measures that the various stores (grocery, food, flower, etc.) are observing. 

Features need to be developed with respect to the times. Make sure that your grocery delivery app has the key features to help your business turn successful.

Owning the Source Code

Owning the app is not enough. Unless you own the source code of the application, there’s hardly much that you can do about it. Therefore, indubitably, you must only purchase an application that provides you with the application’s source code as well. 

When you search for the instacart clone script, ensure that you only go for a company that offers you licensed source code for a lifetime. This will mean that whenever in future you wish to modify or update your app, you don’t have to depend on the developer for it. You can simply hire any qualified developer from your end and make the changes that you like. 


On the whole, it is not hard to guess that starting an entire business on the basis of an application can be a challenging or deal. Regardless of how many options you see in the market, there will only be the one perfect app for you. 

Finding it may get arduous but you’ll just have to keep looking. Ideally, the easiest way to find the right one is to shortlist all the ones that you like. Then take a live demo of the application. Download the apps on your devices and use it real time to see how it works. Place real orders and experience it from the user end. Also, make sure that you download the driver’s app to experience how the app will work on the other side. 

While you are at it, make sure that you spend some time studying the admin panel so that you can get an in depth understanding of how you can track your business through the application. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.