What is the Impact of SEO in Online Reputation Management by Gaurav Heera?


When ORM is mentioned, the first glance of digital marketers usually falls upon social media. It is true that social media is an effective tool in managing a brand’s reputation online. However, long-lasting perceptions regarding a brand can only be perpetrated with the use of SEO.

For bigger brands, ORM is a strategic tool to manage the reputation of their company. For small companies though, ORM holds greater importance than simply maintaining the reputation of a brand. It holds tremendous importance for small companies as it is the only way for it to develop brand awareness says Gaurav Heera.

Social media is important, but in an ineffective tool if used by someone with a small following. This is where the role of SEO becomes important in ORM. The only way a small brand can truly practise ORM is by developing SEO-friendly content and ranking high on SERPs. By engaging with the target audience with informative and engaging content, a small brand can build its name amongst the target audience.

In this article, we will discuss how SEO can play a defining role in the ORM plans of a small brand or business with Gaurav Heera.

Impact of High SERPs

The first thing a small brand can do to build a name for itself is rank high on important SERPs.

Why is this important?

Your audience is likely to search keywords relevant to your niche from time to time. They are going to click on search results on the top of SERPs. If your website is ranked high on SERPs, it will be your website people visit and your brand name and logo they see every time they come to the website says Gaurav Heera. 

This will make sure the name of your website becomes synonymous with the people of the niche. Why do people think of Virat Kohli when they think of cricket and Neil Patel when they think of digital marketing? It is because both these personalities have worked hard to become the central figures in their respective fields. As an ORM strategy, you must try to take your brand to the same level.

How to Get High SERPs?

The simple answer is content. The long answer is SEO.

To get high SERPs, you will need to create content which a search engine deems worthy to rank high on certain keywords. For this, you will need to research topics and keywords your audience is likely to search on popular search engines like Google says Gaurav Heera.

The next step is actually writing the content. This involves the use of the right mix of keywords in the right percentage and frequency. Google ascertains the contextual quality of a given piece of content by calculating the frequency of words and phrases related to the topic being discussed.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers why SEO plays an important role in online reputation management. Those in need of ORM but remain stranded due to their small social media following should consider SEO as an organic tool to usher growth.

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Gaurav Heera is a digital marketer and ORM startegist with ten years of experience in the field. Currently, he writes guest posts & heads DelhiCourses.in, best and affordable digital marketing institute in Delhi.