So you’ve made it to your payday and saved enough to get yourself a new smartphone, but which one should you go for? Maybe you’d want a device that boasts processor speed over other aspects. So it excels at tasks like games and video streaming. Perhaps, you’re leaning on the camera result of the phone a bit more. Finally, maybe you’d want an overall balanced experience with the phone that is ‘the Jack of all trades, master of none’. We’ve got you covered as we discuss ways of finding the most appropriate phone that matches your liking, categorized by which functions they work best for and their price tags.

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The basic choices for Best Phone

Operating System

We’re naturally assuming that you’ve made the most fundamental choice as of now and that is the operating system. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are different beasts in their own rights and while one might have an additional feature or advantage over the other, there’s no clear winner. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preferences. If you’re still not on one side and looking for specifics to make your decision, check out the in-depth comparisonof the two operating systems.

Price Comparison

Now, as per your desired budget, you’ll come across different options online, all more suited to handling different tasks. When devising your budget and making cost-related decisions, regularly check certain websites to get an idea of how the prices of different phones belonging to different brands compare. You can find samsung phones at this comparison website. Or review websites that compare deals on any other brand.


The choice of remaining loyal to a particular brand or favouring the factor of price over the company is wholly your decision to make so choose wisely before proceeding forward. Some will find it comfortable if they go with the same brands so to continue that feel of familiarity among the new phone purchased. Others have a greater capacity of adapting to newer systems and features and so won’t consider the brand when evaluating their next phone.

The more specific categories


You can’t make a concrete and sensible decision on your to-be smartphone without getting into the technicalities. As we’ll discuss about your particular needs later on, it’s important to note that you’d only get the full picture by looking at specific specifications and qualities of the smartphones to know which area they excel in. With regards to this condition, it’s favourable to browse review. And guide sites which won’t only draw accurate specs comparisons between the different models and brands for the phones. But also offer you valuable insights from their own experience. Gadgets360 and CNET are renowned and reputed platforms for acquiring details about cell phones among other devices within the tech world.

Pay attention to the general specifications first like memory, screen dimensions, storage etc. before moving onto the more specific ones like details for megapixels, connectivity, processor frequency and so on.

The Needs and Wants

It’s kind of obvious but ultimately the smartphone you’re going for will depend on your preferences and which features you would best utilize with the device. If you’re one of those people who spend more time outside than. At home, embarking on adventures, hanging out at parties and on a mission of capturing memories and moments throughout your life, then only a sharp camera would do the job. Samsung and Apple, both boast phones with incredible camera results and high-res imagery/videos.

However, if you’d want to keep it light on your pocket and at the same time go for a good option. Then Sony’s Xperia XZ3 should be a consideration among other Sony phones with price tags significantly lower than the latest offerings of Samsung and Apple. With this particular smartphone, you’ll be treated to a 19 MP camera and video recording in full 4K HDR.

Talk about an incredible visual fidelity.

Conversely, for load-heavy, complex and intensive tasks to run on smartphones including gaming and demanding apps. You’ll want to target a phone which has an upper hand when it comes to processors, RAM and internal memories. Screen display and resolution will also play key roles for maximizing the viewing pleasure and experience. Here the point of a good camera won’t be an important one in the final decision. The Razer Phone is the best of the bunch, designed specifically for video games. With 8GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory, to complement its 5.7-inch display (1440 x 2560 pixels), the Razer Phone packs a lot of firepower. For the good things it does, the phone comes at a hefty price of $699.

For a more balanced experience, where you’d need the phone primarily for managing calls, emails and messages. And only rarely go for casual gaming or occasional pictures and video recording, the affordable options include Moto Z2 Play, Samsung Galaxy A8, Nokia 8 and Honor 8X all lying around the $300 price tag and being overall well-rounded phones providing a decent performance in aspects across the board. Without reaching the heights of ‘perfection’ in any specific category.


Deciding on a phone requires research and online consultancy from a lot of resources. Here, data from your side will play a valuable role including the prescribed budget. The decide role(s) you’ll want your phone to play and the specifications you’re targeting. For any other information like that of price, specs and other technical details comparisons. You’ve got the World Wide Web to surf through before you make the right call.


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