Organizing a party to remember might look a bit daunting in your 30s… but actually, it doesn’t’ have to be any different than those you threw back in your 20s. What’s more, you now have way more experience in throwing amazing parties, so you are well-equipped, knowledgeable, and skilled to easily plan out into detail and host a tremendously fun house party. In your 30s you are old enough, smart enough, and wise enough to know how to deal with drinks, organize food, play fantastic tunes, and above all, you have enough cash to cover it all. Here are a few hints to help you throw an amazing house party for you and your 30something guests.

1. Arrange a bombastic entertainment

You don’t’ need to hire a band, but your party still must involve some kind of frenzy entertainment. When you are gathering friends over to your house there, first of all, must be some kind of music. Determine what your bunch loves the most, is it jazz, blues, or old-fashioned rock or disco, and play some cool LPs. You can also hire a DJ if you have more money to spare. In the end, you can always call a friend and set up a catchy soundtrack that all your friends love.

2. Set the podium for fun

There are a few nifty things that you can do to ensure your party will be a blast. First of all, you can light candles to set the ambient, after all, you are not teens anymore. This is a great idea to do especially if you aim to do some matchmaking business. Gathering and matching singles is always a fun part of any party, so create an ambient where people could enjoy and speak. Also, set up a special drinking bar and give people a variety of options to choose from, and try to pour drinks for people rather than have them do that separately – you are not in a dorm room anymore.

3. Be creative with the food

You are now old enough to make and prepare food. You don’t have to roast lamb or similar, but making delicious finger food or sandwiches, placing a cheese and ham platter is something that you can do without a problem. You could bake delicious muffins or hire and bring a mouth-watering chocolate fondue. Whatever you do, don’t serve food or drink on paper plates or glasses. Be a bold grown-up and buy nice cutlery and dinnerware to make your guest feel welcomed and homey.

4. Choose exquisite drinks

The key to a good party, when you are in your 30s, is not to get drunk, but to adequately drink quality and prestigious drinks, chat, and have immense fun altogether. Do your best to get exquisite drinks such as wine, good gin and tonic, or similar. Cool the wine in the fridge at the right temperature or in a special cooler, and surprise your friends with your winery know-how. Read and learn what food to serve with what food, and let them be wowed with your new expertise.

5. Be relaxed, be yourself

Probably the best thing about organizing a house party after the big three is that you don’t have parents nagging behind your back. So, you can do whatever you want and not worry about the consequences or verbal dismembering. Be yourself, enjoy to the fullest, don’t be afraid to sing out loud and even trash the place if you feel like it. In the end, everybody would most likely go home before 11 pm as they have duties the morning after, and you will be the one cleaning afterwards.

Consider your neighbours, be open-minded for trying out new things like inviting and making new friends, and don’t overdo with the food and drink so you could bear the hangover much easier (you are a bit older now). 

Author Bio:

Jasmine Anderson is a Sydney-based lifestyle blogger and a toddler mom. She loves to spend quality time with her family, go thrifting, and spend just a little bit too much time on the internet. 


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