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Before beginning the growth of our Facebook notifications app, the first difficulty was to see a solution for the question- How will this app involve visitors on a website? And how to make Facebook users who will need to get a notification?

We planned the email subscribe button method and choose to give a related opt-in solution.

The difficulty was to produce a solution that :

  • Will not need any programming skills for execution.
  • Will have the versatility for placing on various points on the website.
  • Will reduce the time and prices for design or copywriting;
  • It will be pleasant, attractive with a call to action request.

Facebook subscription v.s email subscription form

The solution.

A pure green button that has a superpower. As a user clicks on it, he/she will require to confirm his/her name by letting Facebook permissions. With that, he/she is quickly subscribed for getting Facebook notifications. The back end of the button is connected with a unique Facebook app for each separate account.

The form of the super-powered Subscribe button

Following are listed more features for the main factors that are part of the Subscribe button


If you question yourself why we have combined a subscriber count along the super Subscribe button, the board makes the button seem more active and powerful. It also makes other subscribers more attracted to click the button by recognizing that other people are then subscribed. No worries, if you do not need to reveal the number of your Facebook subscribers, you can constantly disable the counter from your manager panel.


Additionally, the plan is to enable the users to have the choice to opt-out anytime they want. The simplest way is to cover a notification, but they can also unsubscribe by just clicking the x icon on the button.

Call to action/turn button text.

We usually use the contents Subscribe, but other use cases imply words such as:

  • Subscribe with Facebook
  • Subscribe
  • Get notifications
  • Be a friend
  • Be informed

Personalize the button color

At this point, we do not give a self-service choice to alter the color of the button. But, we do make this likely for free if a client asks for a color change.

For important design personalizes, our team will make a price offer and talk firmly with the customer to make it fit for his or her want.

So, where to put the Facebook subscribe button on your website and originate making Facebook subscribers?

Put your super Subscribe button in the most obvious place possible. The Subscribe button with the superpower for making Facebook subscribers can be put in every situation likely on your website. Below are significant cases that our customers mostly use and have shown it with important subscriber count issues.

Counтdown page or a landing page

Starting your new website and intending to use a few of the services for email opt-in such as subscribing and getting an email once we live? Instead, we support you to start creating your Facebook subscription list with a Facebook subscribe button. Click here for a confirmed case of utilizing the Subscribe button to engage with visitors on the grounding page.

In a blog post

For WordPress or any different content editor, you can add the iframe of your Subscribe button by copy or fix the iframe code in the WordPress editor with your blog post text.

By doing this, you can get with your users right in a blog post.

In a pop-up

The most basic email subscription occurs in a pop-up window. The subscription of Facebook users can also happen with the aid of a pop-up window. You can cover the iframe of the Subscribe button in a pop-up window and urge your website visitors to subscribe to specific content.

Please get: Ignore pop-up content that is irritating by giving actual value to your website visitors.

In a floating banner

Floating flags can be engaging if you do not need to use pop-up windows and still have the Subscribe button noticeable on your website’s every page. Click here for a confirmed case of how one of our patients uses the Subscribe button to interlace with website visitors.


I hope these cases and examples will help you start creating your first Facebook subscriber button base. Feel open to share your creative ideas in the comment box below. Hence Add the subscribe button to your Facebook and attract more of the subscribers. 

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