corrupted odt file

This blog guideline is dedicated to those users who are facing issues with corrupted ODT files. This article consists following topics 

– Overview of ODT files 

– Reasons for corruption of ODT files 

– Protective measure to avoid the overwriting

– Recovery steps of corrupted ODT files 

– Exceptional tool for Recovery 

– Conclusion 

To learn how to recover corrupted ODT file, first, we need to get an overview of ODT for those users, who are not familiar with it. 

Brief Overview of ODT Files 

– ODT file aka Open Document format is a text file that was created by Open office / LibreOffice.

– It is a type of document created with a word operating application that is based on Open Document Text file format. 

– It consists of text, images, objects, notes, books, and many more. 

– For non-technical users fixing the ODT file could be a little bit complicated. Users can go with a Recovery solution to fix and recover these files. 

Reasons for Corruption of ODT Files 

– Unexpected power shutdown while processing the ODT file. 

– Virus & malware invasion from malicious websites or freeware on the system. 

– The limitation of accessing the ODT files from specific applications only that are LibreOffice and Open Office. Eventually, incompatibility of software also causes corruption to ODT docs. 

– Incorrect cut- paste operations performed on different Open Office can also lead to corruption of ODT files. 

Various other reasons are can also contribute to the inaccessibility of ODT files such as bad sectors, faulty firmware, interruption while transferring or sharing the files, etc. 

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Protective Measures are Taken before Recovery of ODT Files 

– Stop using the storage medium of ODT documents. 

– Do not add or delete any file from that specific location or storage device. 

– Choose a location other than ODT storage space, for downloading and installing of recovery solution. 

– Avoid restoring files in the location from where you found them corrupted. 

Recovery Steps to Recover Corrupted ODT Files

Step 1. Download and install SysTools SSD Corrupted File Recovery Software on the Windows machine. 

Step 2. Select the specific drive and click on the Scan button. 

Step 3. Click on the Filter button, and choose the Document folder option. 

Step 4. It will display all the document files on the recovery panel. 

Step 7. Either go with the selective approach or choose the root folder to export the recovered ODT files. Click on the Save button. 

That’s it, now you have successfully learned how to recover corrupted ODT files without any data loss. 

Additional Benefit – SoftwarePro SSD Data Recovery Software also efficient to recover permanently deleted, missing, virus-infected, hidden, shortcut files too without facing any trouble. 

Exceptional Features of Recovery Tool 

– Capable to recover and save the bulk amount of ODT files in a single go 

– It passes through the corrupted ODT files, repairs, recovers, and restores them. 

– Save recovered files in a user-specified location. 

– Selective Approach while selecting recovered ODT files. 

– Preview panel showcase all the major attributes of ODT documents 

– Easy to the user and user-friendly interface with self-explanatory steps 

– Refine recovered result via filter, search and explore the option. 

– Support more than 250 file-formats including ODT format and other document file formats. 

– Completely safe and secure performs all actions on offline mode only. 

Wise Words 

Though having a Recovery solution on your system will save you from any sort of data failure and deletion scenarios. But it would be great if you already have an updated backup of crucial files on your system or any storage device. 

Because in any case if overwriting occurs, then recovery of deleted or corrupted files becomes negligible. 


This blog is titled with how to recover corrupted ODT files. And we learned about ODT files, reasons for corruption, recovery steps, and preventive measures that can save from falling into the ditch of permanent deletion.

Data Recovery offers a free of the cost demo version. You can run the same recovery steps on it. On previewing the files, you will be assured about the availability of ODT files and reuse them after recovering. 

By Anurag Rathod

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