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Congratulations, moms-to-be! Pregnancy is a perfect time to let your hair down and enjoy yourself in a whole new role – but it’s also a time when most women tend to put on quite a lot of weight. And while those extra pounds might not be such a huge concern prior to delivery, most new moms start to deeply feel the weight of their pregnancy dietary ease inside a few weeks after giving birth. A vast majority of them are also quick to lose self-confidence as regards their appearance and resort to exhausting slimming diets, exercise routines, and some even decide to undergo liposuction and/or other forms of plastic surgery. The takeaway is clear: prevention is the best way to stay in peak shape during and after the life-giving months – and if you don’t know how to keep baby weight at bay, here are a few useful tips that might help you out.

order healthy pregnancy food

1. Clean up your dietary act

Eating for two doesn’t mean robbing the fridge round the clock and eating everything you can get your hands on. Even though your caloric intake will inevitably go up, the quality of your food makes a world of difference. For moms-to-be, cholesterol and sugar may be appealing more than in their pre-pregnancy months but it doesn’t make them any healthier or better nutrition-wise. Home-cooked meals, lots of fruit and vegetables, and non-sweetened organic juices and smoothies are a go-to for pregnant ladies. If you are too busy or tired to cook, all you need to do is order healthy pregnancy food. Occasionally eating sweets, soda, or a pizza is still acceptable, as long as it’s in moderation.

2. Squeeze in a light workout

Pregnancy is not a time which you need to spend in bed – what’s more, it’s highly advisable for expecting moms to allocate a part of their day to light or moderate exercise. Pilates, prenatal yoga, tai chi, deep stretches, and similar flexibility-focused workouts are strongly recommended as these both keep off the extra pounds and help the body prepare for day D. Ideally, moms-to-be should perform gentle stretches and similar workouts at least three times a week to allow for the effects to develop before the day the stork is due to arrive. On top of that, light cleaning sessions around the house might help you keep stress at bay and stay in top shape.

3. Consult professionals

In case you’re worried about extra weight in the postpartum period, it’s best to consult an expert on the matter, such as a dietician, midwife, and GP. That way, they’ll be able to give you adequate advice and recommendations and keep an eye on both your baby’s and your own health. In addition to that, it might be a good move to keep track of your weight throughout pregnancy and share the data with the GP and midwife. They’ll also be able to tell you whether you need to tweak your diet and how much exercise you should aim for on a daily and weekly level.

4. Seek support from family

If all else fails, you can always count on your family and friends to help you stay on the right and healthy track nutrition- and exercise-wise. A little love and care go a long way in weight maintenance, especially among ladies who are prone to hormone-induced mood swings due to pregnancy. In case you feel less than sexy or if you are insecure about your body image, you can only benefit from the empathy, understanding, and support from your loved ones. Additionally, they may even help you out by warning you about exceeding the cheat limit or coercing you not to indulge in just about every dietary whim you feel during the day.

Staying on top of your shape during and after pregnancy isn’t difficult if you have the tips and tricks on how to pull it off most effectively. Regular light to moderate exercise and a clean yet nutritious diet combined will do help you a great deal. With the advice of professionals and the support of family and friends, you will be out on a minimum amount of pregnancy weight and avoid the ghastly side effects associated with the postpartum body image, such as depression, lack of self-confidence, and low self-esteem. Still here? Then your perfect body is already there, during and after the delivery. Good luck!

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Jasmine Anderson is a Sydney-based lifestyle blogger and a toddler mom. She loves to spend quality time with her family, go thrifting, and spend just a little bit too much time on the internet.

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