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There are many social media apps like Facebook, Twitter etc. but Instagram is one kind of app that is based on pictures. Also, it is famous for this purpose called instant photographs. When it was first launched back in 2010 users were limited to uploading square images only. Maybe because it has this very significant improvement for the Instagrammers. But this kind of limitation has been removed now. Because now Instagrammers can upload pictures in landscapes and portraits as well. But now your pictures will be uploaded in one exact ratio called 4:5. All the pictures you upload will be cut down and automatically uploaded in this specific measurement.   

Follow up with the article and you will get to know how you can resize pictures for Instagram and how you can upload pictures in the original size without cropping.

How you can post vertical images on Instagram without cutting in a specific ratio

The specific ratio on Instagram for uploading pictures on Instagram is about 4:5 which is called “portrait”. As Instagram is not flexible about uploading pictures like in different ratios say 3:4 or even 9:16. So, this way Instagram will crop your picture to a ratio of 4:5 automatically. This way you can’t upload your original 9:16 image or video and it will be cropped automatically.

But most of the time we want to upload our pictures in their original quality because the original quality of the picture matters to you.

As we know the Instagram market is way busy cropping images they take, and this way uploading pictures on Instagram might play an important role in the strategies. 

Well, you need to know how you can upload pictures on Instagram without even cropping.

How would you resize Instagram images even without cropping

For resizing images on Instagram if you don’t want to crop to the specific 4:5 ratio you may like to use some third-party apps which will add a white background in the picture and will make it suitable for uploading. This works for images, GIFs and even videos. But the only issue with this might be your pictures will look way smaller for the comparison.

But this process is complex and time-consuming. But some of these apps may help you in saving time and then uploading pictures and the GIFs also videos of any size you want.

Now, if you want to know how you can post these pictures of your choice in size and shape you should keep reading this article.

How would you post these vertical images even without cropping with different apps let’s say AiSchdall here.

This app named Aischedul is one full package having various Instagram? tools, having different services that will also help you schedule your Instagram posts views for free without costing a penny.

You may add in various things including different accounts of 1 to even 80 accounts to the single dashboard of this app called aischdul. This way it will manage them all one by one.

With the help of this app you can import your pictures with the different apps called Unsplash so that you don’t have to upload them. Now you can easily post pictures on Instagram in a very short time.

Now you can add these images to your Instagram stories, and this way you can increase the engagement on Instagram.

Now if you want to know how you can post these vertical images on Instagram without cropping them to a specific ratio. We will let you post these vertical pictures in the specified square-shaped background according to your choice. 

When you select these pictures, these will be adjusted to the ideal shape and the best parts will be replaced with white strips. And you can also change the background according to the colour you want.

When using a schedule you can rearrange these already existing pictures on Instagram and you may also be able to add various pictures in one Instagram story.

At last, you will be able to draw the vertical screen space even without cropping your images and then you can upload these high-quality images in just three steps.

Now you know how you can concentrate on framing your shots and different pictures at different moments without getting worried about the fix ratio crop.

Also this way you can report about the viral content and copyright issues on Instagram easily.

And at last it is not expensive, very easy and agile.

For that, you have to sign up on this app.

The most frequent and asked question about cropping on Instagram.

Q1: How would you post these horizontal pictures on Instagram stories even without you cropping them?

Ans: for you to post horizontal pictures on the Instagram story will be possible when you will add background to your pictures with this app. And then you can post them easily. So, your picture will look like 4:5 on your news feed.

Q2: How would you post this whole landscape and portrait mode pictures on Instagram using PC.

Ans: you know that Instagram will not allow you to post pictures using a pc. But with this app, you can post several pictures both in landscapes and portraits using Instagram. Not just on one account but various accounts at one time. This is one great way of managing various accounts.

Q3:how would you post videos on Instagram without cropping them

Ans: so, if you have difficulties in posting the video in the original ratio. Using this or any other third party app will help you post videos without even cropping them. The same old way, a background will be added to your pictures. In this way, you don’t have to trim them without losing any part.


Instagram followers and users upload more than 95 million pictures a day. This way the importance of uploading pictures is increasing day today. This way industries and brands are heading towards a way of finding pictures on Instagram.

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