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Stickers as products have many applications across different industries and there are many business models as well! While some rely on their designing skills where they design unique stickers and earn from their designs, others rely on designs that are already in demand and earn by trading stickers. Apart from that, there is one other business model that is more recent and is more effective than the rest! That business model is selling personalized stickers to an open market and corporate enterprises with the use of online sticker design software.

While for all the business models you will need a strong and established virtual presence, the best way to successfully plan your stickers business is by merging two or all the business models and making the most out of the market. To help you make an informed decision, the blog elaborates on all the business models along with its benefits and drawbacks. 

Business Model 1- Sticker trading business:

For this business model, you will need good market research skills, a personalized multivendor sticker selling marketplace and an ideal Sticker design tool. Firstly, you can have to identify the niche that you wish to target. Then you will have to identify the categories of stickers that you wish to sell on your platform. There are many types of stickers available in the market such as Logo Sticker, Clear Stickers, Informative Labels, Die-Cut Stickers, Photo Sticker and Bumper stickers.

Once you finalize on that, create a personalized sticker selling marketplace that aligns with your product offerings and your target audience. Promote your platform to the right peers and attract both vendors and customers on your platform. Also, to make your business successful, integrate custom sticker design software on your platform and invite different designers on your platform to create custom sticker designs that your customers can order. This way, your platform will always have something new and relevant to offer to your customers and you can gain good traction towards your brand.

Benefits of starting a trading business:

  • Marketplace is a good form of business with long term sustainability
  • Scalable business where you don’t have to stretch your resources
  • High profitability chance with minimal investment in expensive printing equipments


  • Preliminary investment cost in e-commerce and marketing
  • Lengthy development timeline
  • Constant need of platform updates and innovation for relevance

Business Model 2- Personalized Sticker Business:

For this business model, all you need is an online platform and custom sticker design software. Nowadays there are designers and corporate enterprises that are looking for a platform where they can design stickers. While designers want to create designs that they can put out in the market and earn a commission from it, corporate enterprises need brand-specific stickers that they can use for various purposes. Also, many in the open market wants to create and use a customized sticker for their children, colleagues, cause, to support an initiative, to showcase their opinions and many other such reasons. For this entire customer base, you can get the best custom web-to-print solution provider in the USA for your sticker design business and empower them to create stickers of their own choice. You can earn from software subscription plans or you can charge per design as well. 


  • Least possible investment
  • No need of designing skills
  • Scalable and demanding business


  • Lack of trading opportunities

Business Model 3- Designing unique stickers:

If you have a creative side to your personality and if you can identify trends of the market, you can establish a stable income! For instance, there were two entrepreneurs who had “Salt Life” tattoo on their necks and as the tattoo went viral; they created stickers of the same which went to become a huge brand with more than 600 retailers worldwide.

So, all you have to do is identify a trend, choose a platform that has a supportive and all-inclusive sticker design software that you can use to list your design on their platforms and earn a good commission out of each sale! Many of these sticker marketplaces have a lot of visitors online and instead of starting from scratch or making huge investments, you can choose to rely on your creative skills and make a living.


  • No monetary investments required
  • High chances of becoming viral
  • Opportunity to create a stable income


  • Dependency on other platforms
  • High trial and error

Sticker business presents a lot of opportunities for those who wish to adopt it as a full time business and there are many who earn millions by serving corporate enterprises and open market. But the market is highly competitive and the market witnesses a lot of new entrants with each passing day. Thus, it is essential that you plan your business effectively and make informed decisions along with the right choices about ideal sticker design software and an online platform or a marketplace. And don’t forget to create a good mix of all these business models to make the most out of your endeavor. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.