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If your laptop is a commonplace for connecting devices via USB, chances are someone might steal data. For this you would need USB port blocker software or a USB disable software. We’ll try to cover every aspect of how to lock a USB port either via dedicated USB port blocker software or via manual ways.

What Is A USB Port Blocker?

If you are new to the concept, USB port blocker software or a manual method is a way to prevent any leakage of data. This is done by further preventing any removable storage device from stealing your data through a USB port since your USB port blocks their access. This also means that no one would be able to copy data to their removable storage device as well.

How to Lock USB Port?

(i) Best USB Port Blocker Software

Here are some of the best USB Port Blocker Software. Here we have explained the software in brief.

1. SysTools USB Blocker

The first on our list of USB port blocker software is SysTools. Whether you are using SysTools USB Blocker as USB port blocker software or even as a USB enable software, it plays its part really well. At its core, you can enable and disable USB ports from accessing data. This means no unauthorized data can pave its way into your computer. It uses password credentials as a way of enabling or disabling USB ports and has a decent interface.


2. Renee USB Block

Renee USB Block is another great USB port blocker software which can also be used as a USB enable software as well. This actually takes data security and privacy and notch above by giving you the facility to whitelist trusted devices. Plus, the USB disable software even blocks your USB’s access if it finds a program, device or website to be malicious. It has a decent interface and is compatible with Windows 10/8/1/8/7.


3. BuduLock

BuduLock is USB port blocker software which has an extremely easy to use interface. It is software that can easily block any unauthorised access to any of the USB devices you may have. Whether it is a flash drive or a USB port, you can block access via password protection. Again, this is a software which is compatible with all Windows versions.


(ii) How to Lock/ Enable/ Disable USB Port Manually

Now that we have talked about some of the best USB port blocker software, let’s talk about some of the manual ways you can enable or disable USB port on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 –

Method No. 1 – Use USB Drivers

In this method we will talk about how you can uninstall USB drivers or even reinstall drivers to allow or disallow access to USB ports –

1. Open Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R keys

2. Type devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box and press enter

3. When the Device Manager window opens click on the Universal Serial Bus Controllers dropdown

4. Here you will be able to see all the USB devices that are connected to your computer. Now, whichever USB port you wish to disable right-click on it and select disable device

Method No. 2 – With the Help Of Windows Registry


1. Press Windows + R keys which will open the Run dialog box

2. Type Regedit

3. When the Registry Editor window opens, navigate to the below mentioned path –


4. On the right hand panel, right-click on Start and select Modify from the submenu

5. Now, have a look at the Value data section. ‘3’ means that the USB port is enabled, but, if you want to disable the USB port type ‘4’

6. Click OK to apply the changes

Why Would You Need A USB Port Blocker?

The thought of how to lock a USB port comes to mind when you have perceived the danger that someone might be able to steal your data through a USB port as well.

USB ports have become a common medium for transfer of information from one device to another. For instance, we often use a USB port to transfer data from our smartphones to laptops and vice versa. In today’s day and age when devices have become so vulnerable to threats such as malware and viruses, data security and information protection is of utmost importance. And, in this article we have talked about just that. We have talked about how you can protect your USB port via USB port blocker software and even by using some manual ways to either lock or disable USB port.

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