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This is what we will know in this article and will give you complete information about HTML. Whenever we need any information, we immediately find it by searching using the internet.

Whatever information we get on the Internet, it is present on some website and from that we get information. All the data available on the Internet is available in the form of web pages, all these web pages are stored in the computer server.

  • A website is made by connecting many web pages together and we can access the webpages with the help of their URL ie address.
  • But today we are going to tell you about how these websites and web pages are made or what is needed to make them.
  • HTML language is required to design a website, with the help of HTML, we are able to use the website and get information from them.
  • HTML is the most used computer language in today’s time because in this digital age all your work is being done online.
  • That’s why everyone should know about this language.

In today’s article, we will tell you what is HTML? And how to learn it, what is HTML5, where and why it is used will tell about all these. So for complete information read this article till the end.

What is HTML?

  1. HTML is a markup language.
  2. HTML’s FULL Form – Hyper-Text Markup Language.
  3. HTML is developed to create web pages of the website.

HTML language is used to design a website and to use text, images and videos, and hyperlinks inside web pages.

Using HTML language, we explain to the device’s web browser how the information on our webpage should look to the user. HTML HyperText Markup Language is made up of two words hyper and text.

Hypertext links two web pages together within one text so that when a user clicks on that text, it takes them to the next page. Thus the links available on web pages are called hypertext hyperlinks,

The markup language is used to create the structure of any website, many tags are present in it, web pages are designed with the help them, The tags used in these describe the page content and all the tags in HTML are predefined meaning they are already present.

Apart from HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML etc. are also markup languages ​​but HTML is the most commonly used language.

Invention of HTML

HTML was discovered by Tim Berners-Lee in 1980 in Geneva.

  • HTML is a computer language program used to create a website and CSS is used to style it.
  • CSS is called a cascading style sheet. Which is used only with HTML so that the website
  • To be given a colorful and attractive look.
  • HTML language is completely different from other computer languages ​​such as C, C ++, Java.
  • It is a very simple best javascript course language that can be easily understood and can be easily modified if needed.

HTML is a popular language from the beginning due to its simplicity, it has also been a case-sensitive language, meaning that we can write the tag in capital letters or small letters if we want. It can work both ways but it is usually written in small letters.

HTML is a platform-independent language that can be used in any operating system. Although HTML is used to create web pages, it is not limited to creating web pages. HTML is also used in web page development, navigation game development, graphics, web document formatting, etc.

What is HTML-5

An advanced form of HTML5. We all know that there are constant changes in the world of technology and things are improved from time to time, similarly, there have been many changes in HTML too and its latest version is html5.

Traditionally the older version of HTML can still be used, but due to changes in technology, it does not meet many requirements, so html5 was developed with many changes to meet those challenges. has gone.

  • HTML5 has more features than HTML, many new features and advanced tags have been added to it, which makes it easier to write code.
  • In this, many such text and attributes have been added, through which you can easily add graphics and audio-video, etc. to the web page.
  • It was not possible to add direct audio and video to the earlier web page but after the introduction of HTML5.
  • You can easily add audio and video to your webpage through the tag. I have to write less code.

Features of HTML5

With many such features in HTML5 that make it different from the rest of the version of HTML, let us talk about those features-

1… Simple and secure–

Tags of HTML5 have been made simple, all its tags have been shortened so that the user can easily remember all the tags. The first version of HTML was used to write a document-type declaration.

  • Which was used to describe how the document was represented on the page. This declaration was written at the top of the HTML web page.
  • In the old version, a very long declaration had to be written, but in the new version, that is, in HTML5, it has also been shortened,
  • Although it is also easier to debug the code in html5 for ease of writing. Debug means to find the hidden error in the code.
  • Some inbuilt security features have also been added to HTML5 so that its creators are protected.

2. Plugin required in HTML5-

A plugin is a selection of many programming codes and functions with the facility to add extra features.

Adding any kind of audio and video files to HTML previously required a plugin, which increased the loading speed of the website and the website took longer to open.

But now in html5, the need for the plugin is greatly reduced as it adds separate tags and attributes to add audio and video files to the page so that now both the files can be easily added and this The website also gets full fast.

3…Graphic design-

Till now there was no mechanism available to create graphics and animations in HTML but due to html5 web developers can put graphics and animations directly in webpages, for this special tag canvas is used.

With the help of this tag, many graphics components can be added to the web page such as boxes, circles, text, images, etc.

4. Making Mobile Web Easier-

Today, every person working in a small or big field definitely has a smartphone and nowadays everyone uses the website to get information. Users want to access web resources at any time through any mobile device.

  • Web pages created in HTML are user-friendly but HTML5 has simplified web pages to mobile support for automated electronic devices like mobiles and tablets.
  • Now no matter whether it is a small or big device, web pages are easily opened in them.
  • HTML5 has many such additions and deletions, due to which it is emerging as a popular language among web developers today.

How to learn HTML?

HTML is a very easy programming language that is not a big deal to learn, if you want, you can practice within 1 month and become an expert in it.

In today’s time, if you want to become a web developer or start online work, then it is very important for you to learn HTML and html5 language. HTML5 is a very easy language. You can learn it by taking online or offline training from Graphic Designing Institute.

To learn HTML, you can also take the help of videos available on YouTube, you can learn HTML from there. Apart from this, online HTML and CSS course or tutorials are available in many markets, with the help of which you can become an expert in HTML.

  • No programming language is subject to memorization, there are some points in it, there are some tags that are remembered,
  • No matter how well you learn to code unless you practice it regularly.
  • You will not be able to become an expert in that language, just like a speaking language.
  • Therefore, it is necessary that after learning HTML, keep practicing it continuously and keep writing new programs.
  • So that you will become an expert in that language within no time.

After learning HTML, it is necessary to practice regularly, for this you create a free blog and publish articles there as a daily practice, create a demo website and get experience, how HTML programs are made and Those pages are created.

Conclusion – So I hope you have got complete information about HTML and you must have also come to know that what is HTML, what is its full form? How to learn Hutmal and from where.

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