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Digitization has changed almost every aspect of the retail industry. A few decades ago, online shopping was nothing more than a futuristic concept. But thanks to technological innovations, all products and services are available at our fingertips now.

Online shopping has come so far that it is not limited to clothing, shoes, accessories, electronics, travel gear, etc. But customers can purchase eyewear, from sunglasses to fashionable frames and even prescription glasses. With easy access to all products online, the demand for prescription eyewear was also at surge. Thus, the online optical stores came into the picture.

Today, several businesses have successfully set up online eyewear stores to meet the ever-changing customer needs. Given the increasing popularity of shopping for prescription glasses online, more and more offline optical stores are going online. As a result, the competition in this space is getting tighter.

So, whether you own an online optical store or plan to set up one, you need advanced and innovative solutions to boost your sales and stay ahead of your competitors. Of course, having a solid marketing strategy can help you gain the attention of more potential customers. But the competition is such that you need to get your hands-on solutions to maximize your sales.

If you are wondering how? The answer is contact lenses prescription extension WooCommerce and Magento. Using these prescription extensions or plugins, you can improve your sales in no time.

Both Magento and WooCommerce are the most popular options among online optical store owners. One of the primary reasons for relying on these two e-commerce platforms is easy and free access to thousands of extensions or plugins. In this post, we will look at how WooCommerce and Magento contact lens prescription plugins add value to your online eyewear store.

WooCommerce contact lens prescription extension

WooCommerce contact lens prescription extension/plugin is an efficient tool for personal use and to set up an online optical business. It is an advanced e-commerce solution that allows optical business owners to make their e-store smarter and boost engagements. With this solution, you can enhance your store visibility online and target a wide range of customers.

Talking about Prescription Plugin, its benefits are not limited to store owners. Even buyers get assisted in finding the lens details they want to buy. For store owners, it helps them determine the specific needs of customers and offer them apt products. Besides this, the WooCommerce Prescription extension helps optical store owners to keep in mind the eyes diameter, Axis, cylinder, and base source before selling contact lenses. Let’s get familiar with the exciting features of the WooCommerce prescription extension.

  • Offers comprehensive e-commerce store solutions for selling prescribed eyewear and contact lens
    • WooCommerce Prescription Plugin allows admin to display pre-configured options
    • Customers can purchase lens for a single eye or both eyes
    • It comes with features that create domains, such as cylinder, diameter, and power curve, automatically
    • It allows hassle-free addition of new attribute fields based on your products and customers’ needs
    • Easy preview of prescription details on the order view page, cart page, checkout, etc

How does WooCommerce Prescription Extension work?

When it comes to selling and purchasing medically prescribed contact lenses online, it is not as easy as it seems. For this reason, we have WooCommerce Extension, which is an advanced solution for digital eyewear businesses.

Traditionally, to buy or sell prescribed lenses, you may have to go through several steps that take a lot of time. However, with Contact Lenses Prescription Extension WooCommerce, you can make the process shorter and more convenient.

By incorporating this extension into your online optical store, you can showcase your products on the front end, along with prescriptions. Also, you can manage most of the tasks efficiently without having to worry about anything.

Prescription contact lenses Magento 2 extension

Another incredible way to improve your digital optical store sale is by installing Advanced Contact Lenses Prescription Magento 2 Extension. Magento is an open-source e-commerce solution. It offers powerful catalog-management tools, easy maintenance, theme customization, and many more.

With Magento 2 Extension, contact lens store owners can set-up their digital store easily. On the other hand, it allows customers to add details about their prescription lenses in less time on the product view page.  To know how Magento 2 Extension will help your online eyewear business, have a look at its silent features.

  • It allows customers to view both orders on the same page
    • The quick product ordering process
    • Magento 2 Extension helps optical store owners to showcase tier prices on the frontend
    • Effective management of your sun color index
    • Extension layout on the frontend
    • It allows admin to manage Boxes Header Text and Boxes Description
    • It makes sure customers do not miss out on adding details when placing orders.

One of the things that set Prescription Lenses Magento 2 Extension apart from other e-commerce solutions is its impressive ability to work well with other Magento 2 Extensions.

How to integrate WooCommerce and Magento 2 Prescription Extension with your website?

Installing WooCommerce Extension is quite a simple process that takes a minute or two. Follows these steps:

  • First, log in to your WooCommerce account using your credentials
    • When you scroll down to access Plugin options, you will see options like activation or deactivation
    • To get your WooCommerce Extension activated, click the activate option

The bottom line

With numerous eyewear stores in the digital space, it becomes difficult to survive in such a tough competition. Each store owner is opting for cutting-edge tools and technologies to boost their websites’ online visibility. You cannot rely on online promotions and marketing strategies. It is time to look for an effective solution.

By opting for WooCommerce or Magento platforms for your online eyewear business, you can boost your sales. These solutions offer numerous free plugins/extensions that will help you make your optical store more productive, user-friendly, and engaging. To start your journey towards a successful online contact lenses business, hire an experienced company that offers contact lens prescription plugin/extension solutions.

By Anurag Rathod

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